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Kelly Ripa is stalking me

Ok, she really isn’t stalking me, but she sort of is.

I will hopefully write more product reviews on this blog.  I consider myself a professional athlete of shopping.  I buy quality and I buy at the best prices.  But recently, in my purchasing searches, Kelly Ripa keeps on popping up.

The first is about the Physique 57.  Eventually, the audience of this blog will get to know that I’ve become slowly addicted to exercise (though my current situation wouldn’t indicate that).  I’m a die hard fan of Cathe Friedrich (I feel like I personally owe her for the 45+lb loss over the last two years) — and even when I try to stray from her, I find myself annoyed with inferior video instructors and just happier I dump my dough in her.  She’s fantastic for cardio and she’s fantastic for weights.  But I’ve been wanting to incorporate more “toning” like workouts.  I’ve never been good at pilates frankly, hence my inclination to do STS for three months instead.  But I want to be better.  But I need something more than a pilates class.  I need something that’s CHALLENGING.  That’s why I love Cathe and I hate running.  I get bored.  So something not boring but tough and compelling.  Physique 57 is exploding all over the web forums, sounds perfect for me, and then I find out the cause of the explosion: Kelly Ripa does it and she endorses it.  Holy crap, when did she get that buff? Those are some of the sexiest arms I’ve ever seen.  I WANT!  But I hold back…mostly because I heard the DVDs had crappy chaptering and I’m waiting to see if they’ll release a better encoding (and you see, I bought a house this year and I can’t just buy whatever I want anymore).  Ok, Kelly Ripa.  I saw you.

The second would be  my Electrolux purchase (which I really hope I’ll review later).  I needed a new handheld vacuum to clean up the dog hair on the couch and I needed something to supplement my Roomba  to sweep my hardwood floors that my dog likes to shed over.  Hence, I was looking at the 2-in-1 ErgoRapdio from Electrolux.  I got it on sale at Costco and have been relatively pleased with my purchase but when I went to the Electrolux website, I just happened to click on appliances site — WHOA!  When did she become the Electrolux spokesperson?  (Some time ago it seems.)  Damn, that must be giving her a lot of money.  But well, I’m just obsessed with vacuums.  Though, those are some WICKED appliances.  Ok, Kelly Ripa.  I saw you.  I am adhering to your marketing spell.

Then the last straw — I FINALLY bought myself shoes.  I haven’t been treating myself well at all since I got the house.  My mother bought me STS but I haven’t gotten myself anything in a loooong time.  So, there was a sale on Sears and they sell Rykas.  I have a pair of Rykas for my aerobic workouts.  I really wanted to try their cross trainers and even buy a new pair of studio shoes.  Seriously, I got two pairs for $100 so it was looking easy peasy.  And then…I go to the Ryka website.  This woman is loaded — she’s the Ryka spokesperson too?  And she’s designing the shoes now?  (Is that why they’re so much cuter now?)  Like, ALL of the shoes?  Ok, Kelly Ripa.  I saw you.  I bought.

So, I think its perfectly legitimate that Kelly Ripa is stalking the Hottiescientist to buy her products — because if you got me, well, you got the world!  In all seriousness though, I’m impressed with her landing being the de facto spokesperson for so many fantastic products.  It’ll do great for her image and I’m sure the companies that pay her are pretty happy too.  Maybe I should watch Live to see what else she says…


  1. Beth
    October 19, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    So you did buy the Ripa Rykas! Even if I don’t know how to spell her name….

  2. hottiescientist
    October 19, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Yep, I’m almost done drafting the review of the shoes as well. Funny enough…did you know that Kelly Ripa grw up two towns from where I grew up? (Yes, she was that close to Cathe too!) Though, I’ll admit — I much prouder of being from the state Cathe resides in as opposed to Kelly Ripa. (I thought it was spelled the other way too for a long time but I saw her name in credits years ago and never forgot…)

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