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Steve Doocy can’t read…

…or he chooses to deliberately deceive his audience. Take your pick.

I am not a Fox News viewer. But if I were, I would be pretty darned pissed. In response to Obama’s recent criticism of Fox News, “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy decided he’d quote an article from Newsweek:

“And you know, it’s funny Dana, I didn’t do a thorough search, but I did do a little Google thing. The New York Times came out against it, The Nation refers to, says there’s a word for what the President and his aids are doing, and that’s ‘whining,’ and refers to the President as the ‘Whiner-in-Chief’; the Baltimore Sun thinks it’s stupid, and the Newsweek column said that it is essentually un-American.”

Here’s a screenshot of the Newsweek article:

The O'Garbage Factor

The O'Garbage Factor

Click through to read the article, but this was the part that really made me question Steve Doocy’s intelligence/motives:

Media independence is a 20th-century innovation that has never fully taken root in many other countries that do have a free press. The Australian-British-continental model of politicized media that Murdoch has applied at Fox is un-American, so much so that he has little choice but go on denying what he’s doing as he does it.

This whole incident comes up in light that the Obama administration has decided to “stand up” to Fox News. Frankly, I’m not sure if they should be putting energy into this particular issue. I’m glad when people point out inequity in the news, and Fox News is particularly egregious, but we already know that. They have tried to create their own news storiesreported incorrect statisticssilence critics, and insert political flavor into their coverage without calling it such. Mind you, if and when the news outlets I watch do anything like that (and it’s bound to happen), I get just as mad — possibly more mad. Anyway, I have been on the fence on whether or not President Obama should be fighting Fox. There are such bigger fish to fry, and we all know who Fox News is. But I can understand that the cable channel is just growing and its falsehoods are spreading; maybe they’re trying to stamp out that threat of misinformation, stupidity, and lies.  Can’t criticize them for that.

I just wonder which would be worse to me as a Fox News viewer: that Steve Doocy is so lazy and dumb he can’t read, or that Steve Doocy intentionally lied to me?

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