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Just don’t do it.

I’m a little late in catching this news, it seems, but that doesn’t change how I feel. As most of America knows, all-around douchebag Michael Vick was vaulted from NFL fame to national infamy when it was discovered he had been operating an illegal dog fighting ring for more than FIVE YEARS.  And he was not just the money-man, letting his underlings do their evils to the dogs without his knowledge. He “trained” the dogs, he starved the dogs, and he killed the dogs without mercy.  Even after reaching a plea agreement, he has denied the last point, but there remains evidence against him. In any case, the prosecution accepted a deal with him in spite of his continuing shifty behavior during allocution and even his failing a drug test while out on bail.

23 months later, he was out as a free man. He attempted to file for bankruptcy, which was denied. But then lo and behold, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to give him a job for the bargain price of $1.6 million. As an avid Giants and Jets fan, and having lived in the same town as a bunch of crazy Eagles fans, I never thought there was a single act that could make me despise the Eagles even more. Boy, was I wrong.

Now, I realize that 1.6 million dollars is a small fraction of what he made before he became the world’s largest publicly known douchebag, but really, but should any NFL franchise be giving a spot to this guy? As much as I dislike the Eagles, they were pretty cool when it came to getting rid of players with bad character. In fact, Eagles owner Jeffrie Lurie has been quoted as recently as August saying in the context of signing Vick, “We put a tremendous emphasis on character. I know we’ve had the best record in the NFC this decade and I really attribute it to having a very high character group of players.”

Vick = high character? DOES. NOT. COMPUTE.

I think you can tell a lot about someone’s character from how they treat animals.  There’s a special circle of hell for those who torture man’s best friend for sport.  Perhaps there is a point of redemption for Michael Vick, but does 23 months in jail and a million-dollar income qualify?  My better angels are deathly silent, and all I can hear is screaming in my head saying, “Why, Karma, why?”  There are plenty of people in this country with talent who would not come out of such a situation this well; it’s because he made money and made the NFL money before all of this stuff came to light.  Special rules for special people.  It turns my stomach.  Suffice to say, I’m not ready to forgive Michael Vick.

Ok, that’s all old news.  Vick has since played in two or three games (with zero impact), so what’s pissing me off now? Apparently, it was leaked that Vick and Nike reached an endorsement deal a couple weeks ago. Later that day, Nike denied it: “We have agreed to supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are not under contract with Nike.” People may accept this at face value, but frankly, I don’t. They’re giving their stuff away for free now?

In fact, there are other skeptics around. Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reported a quote from an unnamed player agent: “They do contracts for their product-only Nike guys,” said the agent. “If it’s a merchandise-only deal, they absolutely do contracts.” Basically, itwould be a FIRST in the business if Nike were providing product without a contract.

I’m not buying it. In fact, I’m not buying Nike so long as they have a relationship with Vick. For me, that’s pretty annoying, but doable. I don’t buy Nike shoes — they hurt my feet — but I did buy their uber-cute apparel.  Well, I guess now I don’t have to feel bad for wearing comfortable clothing stitched by children in China. Michael Vick just pushed me over the line.

I just don’t get it.  Why would Nike have a contract with such a scumbag, or any kind of relationship whatsoever?

You know what kills me — is that he SUCKS.  In all this effort giving him a second chance, was it worth it?  Of course it is — all of you are making money of it.  God forbid, we TEACH our children that evil acts are punished or being mediocre won’t make you millions.  But in the meantime, Nike, you won’t get one dime from me.

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