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A new trip to Orvis!

Apparently, my recent review of Orvis got the attention of some people at the company — specifically, James Hathaway, Manager of Communications and Conservation.  He commented on my blog and I promptly emailed him.  He wrote back a very polite email, starting with:

I have been hoping you would write! Thanks for your quick response.

We take these things very seriously and I have contacted as well as sent your blog post to:

The Retail Store Manager in Pasadena
The VP of Marketing
The VP of Retail
The VP of Operations
and the Product Manager for Pet

I want to thank you for pointing all of this out in such a detailed way. Because of your well-written post, we are able to go through where we dropped the ball and figure out how to fix these problems… not just make you happy.

Now, that is much more in line with what a company truly dedicated to customer service should be like! I am very glad to see that Orvis (1) takes efforts to find out what people think about their company (because its not like I sent my post to them!) and 2) is willing to act in a constructive way on that information.  Mr. Hathaway went on further, asking if there were outstanding issues he could help with, and offering me a gift certificate so I can give the store another try. I’m not exactly sure what I will buy with that, but I’m thankful for the offer. Needless to say, I will be blogging about that upcoming shopping trip as well.  I sincerely hope that they’ll learn from what happened to me and improve their processes, from shipping to customer support, so none of it will happen to anyone else.

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