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Dicks Sporting Goods, my new fav sports store

Maybe I’m in a small minority of people who can’t help but giggle that Dick’s Sporting Goods replaced Chick’s Sporting Goods.  But I’m sure I’m not the only one who is VERY happy with the change.  I only knew of Chick’s Sporting Goods because I’d seen it around when I first came to Pasadena years ago.  Chick’s seemed like a fine sporting goods store, but there turned out to be a big problem with it– shortly after I actually got “into” exercise, the store announced it was closing!  That wouldn’t be so bad, but the clearance/closing selection was paltry!

Anyway, Dicks Sporting Goods acquired Chicks earlier this year, and they’ve led a semi-aggressive coupon campaign where I live.  We joined their Score Card Reward program, and it’s done wonders for us, especially when combined with their awesome coupons.  Fact is, we don’t have a ton of dough to dump on anything — who does, these days?  — especially since we bought our first home earlier this year.  But those bonus 100 or 200 Score Points that come in the mail or local flyers have helped us rack up a couple of $10 certificates.  $10 in credit plus $10 off of $25 or $50 has made it way more affordable to buy quality fitness clothing.

…and I do love to look cute as I work out. 😉

My most recent score?  This adorable Fila outfit!  (Sorry for the lame mobile picture…)

FILA Wellness Cami and Capri

How much did I pay for the whole thing in the end?  Something to the tune of $11.  Each part of the set originally cost over $40! Each!  I even got another Alo Organic Bamboo Studio Tee and some other stuff for my husband as well, and we didn’t spend more than $35 for the bunch of it.  I love shopping victories!  It always feels better to look cute on the cheap.

I have to say that their service is usually good, but on our last visit, it was fantastic.  The cashier, Michaelangelo, was uber-patient with us, and helped us maximize our discounts and ScorePpoints.  It was near closing time, too, yet he didn’t make us feel bad at all for adding up dollars and points.

The stores in SoCal are having an awesome promotion going on right now — buy $150 worth of stuff, get a $50 gift card; or buy $300 and get a $150 gift card.  Now, if I had money to spend on myself, I’d totally be dumping it into this store during the holiday sales!  Thank goodness they don’t sell the Fitness By Cathe line or Ryka shoes in any of their B&M stores (you can get some of it on their website) or maybe I *would* be dumping a few paychecks there!

YMMV, but if you want to buy some adorable athletic clothes on clearance, and you’re near a Dicks Sporting Goods store, go for it!

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