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Athletic Wishlist

As I sit in bed, regretting the half of a large pizza I inhaled earlier, I feel that I finally have the “calm” in my mind to write this post.  With the holidays coming up, I’ve been getting excited over sales and new products.  Frankly, it’s hard to say which I am first: a hottiescientist or a hottieshopper.  I have a lot of wish lists in my head, and I thought it might be fun and ::cough:: more productive to focus on gifts that actually get me moving off my butt and to a healthier me (as opposed to talking about the swarm of new video games being released this season).  My birthday is right around Xmas, so I get completely hosed every year when it comes to presents.  I have learned, though, how to prioritize what I want in light of this unfortunate timing.

  1. STS Shock Cardio — Actually, I’m already getting this one.  Dr. Splene and my husband bought it during the pre-order.  But I had to put it at the top of the list because I WANT IT SO BADLY.  Though STS Strength has helped me connect with my inner weight lifter, I’m still a cardio junkie at heart.  There are going to be 11 workouts in total, including some kick ass HiiT (high intensity interval training) and circuit workouts, which are my two favorite types of workouts!  They are still filming, so I’m hoping the DVDs will arrive at my doorstep before my birthday.  The company has been saying it is on schedule for Fall, but then I asked when “Fall” ended… only to find that their definition is Dec 21st.  Eeek!  Please, Cathe — finish!
  2. Slanted and More Step Risers — I can do without these, but I really wished I had some more during my STS rotation.  Part of me wonders if I should just go for a super adjustable bench, but I love getting things for my step.  It is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made for my fitness journey.  And I LURVE multitaskers.  My step has helped me with cardio and my strength.  In the former, I can adjust the step height for intensity, and for the latter, it provides a solid support for any work that needs to be done on a bench.  So, getting new things for my step is like getting accessories for my favorite Barbie doll was when I was younger.  I need at least another pair of risers for standard weight work for STS; the slanted risers, meanwhile, would help stabilize any incline work.  The risers, though… I wonder why some people only sell one when you pretty much need them in pairs.  I guess they are thinking about the High Step?  (12/11/09 — Just received my slanted risers from more friends!  Thanks!!)
  3. Physique 57 — I can’t stop hearing or reading praise for this new workout series.  It appears to be why Kelly Ripa is so ripped now (gah, so jealous of her), and I want in!  I’ve been looking to find some kind of mat and sculpting work that doesn’t bore me to death.  “Physique 57” appears to be the next evolution of the Lotte Berk method for barre workouts.  I (not so) secretly wish I could be a ballerina, so this DVD set seems to be perfect for incorporating into my workout rotations.  Given how much I liked Element: Ballet Conditioning, I think this may be a hit in the park for me.  I had heard that the chaptering was for crap, so I hope they have fixed that by now.
  4. Padded Yoga/Exercise Mat — When I had carpet in my whole home, those sticky yoga mats were just fine, but with the hardwood floors it just HURTS to do be on the floor for too long.  I currently have a thick exercise mat that I put under my yoga sticky mat, but it really doesn’t work.  I’m looking at those memory foam yoga mats: they’re pricey, but it may be worth it.  (If anyone has any experience with this, please comment below!  I’m very interested!)  I would love to get into mat work again, but I just can’t seem to get myself to stay on the floor too long because it just hurts so much…
  5. Mini Mat — This product hasn’t been released yet, but it is in line to be hitting stores soon.  Part of the Fitness By Cathe line, it’s a mat that fits my step perfectly to give me padding when I’m doing strength work.  You would think this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but trust me, when you’re doing those one arm rows, it matters!  It’s going to only be priced at $10, so I can get this as soon as I see it!
  6. Micro-load Gloves — Another Fitness By Cathe Product, and another must.  Doing STS, I “ghetto”ed up my weights, and it became abundantly clear that I needed micro-load gloves.  I held off on buying any during the rotation because I’ve been waiting for the newest FBC product.  I *thought* it was supposed to be out by now!  But I keep waiting, (im)patiently…
  7. Cathe DVDs — Um, duh.  Jen from Advanced Workouts is awesome (and I think vf10 still works as a coupon code to get 10% off).  Here’s the list (notice how they’re mostly cardio!).
    1. Terminator(!!!) (11/28/09 – I just received this today!  Thank you, thank you!  I can’t wait to try it)
    2. Drill Max
    3. Cardio Fusion
    4. Hardcore Extreme
    5. Kick, Punch & Crunch + Legs & Glutes
    6. Boot Camp + Muscle Endurance
  8. Running Shoes — I’ve been searching for good running shoes.  With my Kayanos out of commission, my new Ryka crosstrainers have been doing double-duty lately, but they’re really not meant for running.  Those of you who know me know I hate running.  But… I love my dog.  And she is part greyhound, and right now she only gets to run with her Daddy, and I want to bond with her that way as well.  I also would love to participate in the 5Ks my DH runs in a couple times a year.  I just bought a couple of other Ryka running shoes, as the Pursuits sucked (no review for that this time).  If these Ryka aren’t up to the task of running, I’m going back to Saucony.
  9. New Heart Rate Monitor — My Polar FT40 is acting up on me.  I bought it from REI, so I’m either going to replace it or upgrade it.  I’m seriously considering upgrading to the FT60 (mostly because I like shiny new things and there’s a gorgeous color for the FT60 that is very hard to pass up).  I am intrigued by the bodybugg/ go wear fit, but Polar has done right by me, so I have no problem going back to them.  It’s been a cardio motivator (I don’t use it for weight workouts) and has helped guide me to a lot of my fitness success.
  10. Kettlebells — I blame bitmover/Beth entirely on this.  I’ve heard her talk about her KB swings so many times, I want one too.  I would like to get one of those adjustable ones, because I don’t want to put more “shtuff” in my gym room than what I have already, but I’ve heard not-so-great stuff about their design.  The US Kettlebells look intriguing, but I imagine the price to ship them to me will suck.
  11. Troy Barbell Plates — I love my Troy Lite Bar, but as I’ve been getting stronger, I’m needing more weight on that thing!  I’ve been using the standard metal Weider plates we have sitting around, but I love the feel and durability of the rubber ones I got from Troy.  I probably just need a a pair of 10lb plates and I’m good.  I’d like to find it locally so I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping, though.
  12. More Exercise Clothes — The clearance racks at Dicks Sporting Goods have been helping on this.  I’ve been trying to find clothing that is “green.”  I’ve recently hit upon the Alo Sport line that has a couple organic cotton sports articles.  The quality seems pretty nice, actually.  I only buy on sale, anyway, so if I’m going to spend $15 on some pants, I might as well get them “green.”  That said, I wonder how green you can go with tight, moisture-wicking workout pants (which I really need a pair of).  But… if the company pushes for green and sustainable techniques, I guess that’s better than nothing.  If Alo made most of their stuff in the U.S. instead of India, I’d be sold completely.
  13. Inline skates — I can’t skate.  I can’t swim, either, but I’m not ready to go buy myself a swimsuit.  I would really love to learn how to skate… it seems like a ton of fun and just something a grown adult should be able to do.  I would like to think that if I could do inline skating, one day I could do ice skating as well, which I always thought was super pretty and romantic.  But this may be a dream for another life.
  14. Zune HD — It’s more of a techy gadget, but I would use it a lot for exercise.  My husband has my 5G iPod, and his nano iPod can’t hold a charge anymore, so I’ve been meaning to give him my nano that he won from work a couple years ago.  I would love a portable multimedia device that keep my ears entertained as I work at on a cardio machine at the gym, but what I would LOVE is to have Cathe STS videos in my Zune HD that I can play when I want to do weights at the gym.  Oh, and an ultimate music device doesn’t hurt, either.  I seriously wouldn’t mind loosening Apple’s hold on me in ths market.
  15. Air Conditioning Unit/ Evaporative Cooler — Not as big of a deal in the winter months (my house never gets warmer than 73 degrees now!  Woot!  Free A/C!), but in the summer months, the house can get warm.  We have central air, which is awesome, but sometimes the temperature that I can live in is not the same temperature I can work out in.  It seems so silly to pump cold air into the whole house when I really only need one room cool for 60-90 minutes.  I just want something that can cool the gym room quickly and effectively and cheaply.  I was thinking about a window evaporative unit, because they are supposed to be environmentally more friendly and perfect for desert weather, but I realize that it may be easier to score a better deal on a portable A/C.

It’s a pretty big wish list, but I’ve been a pretty good girl!  What’s really nice about this, frankly, is that there’s a huge range of prices here, so I can get a little something or a big something when I have the $$$.

What would you want in your home gym?  Am I missing any toys?  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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