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My Black Friday Scores

I didn’t do so great this year, but I did get a couple things that I thought I’d share.At Dick’s Sporting Goods, I got three items from the “green” activewear company Alo Sport.  Two were sports bras and one was a top.  I accidentally grabbed the wrong size in sports bras, so I had to come back at another time, when I was able to exchange one, but not the other.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep the medium, as I really need a small for better support, but I’ll make that decision later.  The whole lot, including tax, cost about $35.

We picked up a ton of “holiday” rawhide from Petsmart for 50% off.  In particular, I grabbed one of those huge rawhide bones, and it’s now sitting on the mantle of our fireplace, tempting our dog until Xmas comes around.

Macy’s was the next stop.  My dear husband was awesome here.  I was hoping to find non-athletic shoes for me, and as I picked out different pairs off the clearance rack, he stood in line with many other women to ask for their mates from the guy at the counter.  I settled on one pair from Naturalizer (one of my favorite non-athletic shoe lines; the other is Bass) in this awesome color.  Neither black nor brown!  I always get boring shoes, and I wanted these to be more fun.  These were $24.99, but I had a coupon for $10 off of $25, so I went looking around for something that would bump me over.  Finally, I found something, but then Macy’s was damned annoying and wouldn’t honor the coupon.  They said my shoes were a “special buy”, instead of clearance, so the coupon didn’t apply.  It even took the guy a little time to explain it to me (I always make the sales person SHOW me where the exclusion is).  I ended up buying the shoes anyway, but I was royally pissed.

I walked to the Orvis down the street, but it was closed.  It was a bit early in the day at that point, but DUDE!  How about opening a little bit earlier on the biggest shopping day of the year?  In the meantime, however, I have learned that they actually sell some nice shoes like Naturalizer and Clarks, so I’d like to drop by the B&M store to see if I can try any out.  (I’m in desperate need of business casual shoes.)  I’m working on it, James!

I did have much better luck online.  I ended up buying a cheap 32″ LCD HDTV from Best Buy (and then totally regretted the purchase while I waited for over an hour in line trying to pick it up).  I also bought a wireless HP Printer for under $40.  The former is going into my newly rearranged gym/studio room, and the latter is to replace the dying printers I do have (without wires!  super squee!).

So, all in all, a pretty crappy Black Friday.  I love getting gifts for OTHER people during this weekend, and I really didn’t manage it at all.  I am happy to spend on myself… it’s been a long time… but I was hoping to score some awesome presents for the people most important in my life, you know?

Here’s hoping Cyber Monday is better…

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