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Shock Cardio for Insomnia?

I’ve always had a problem with sleep. It stems from childhood and my never really learning the right sleep methods — always sleeping too little.  I suffer from terrible bouts of insomnia at times.  It often is worst when I have my monthly reminder that I’m not pregnant (yay, to not being pregnant), but the week or so afterward can also be tough.  I’m too pooped to even work out, which in turn leads to a crappy night’s sleep.  By the time I get it all settled, it’s that TOM again, and I have to try to hit the reset button.

Lately, I have been reaching to Ambien when the sleepless nights pile on too much, but even with that magic pill, I’m pretty resistant, and I never wake up feeling fresh.  The other night, my dog Evee decided she needed to protect us from the thunder FAR away from the house, and that broke me out of my “possibly could fall back asleep” mode and into “not happening” mode.  I tried to go back to sleep, to no avail.

The next morning, I decided to try Cathe Friedrich’s new workout, Cardio Core Circuit.   This workout is going to rival Imax3 for difficulty ratings!  (That said, I have not tried the HiiT workouts yet.)  It consists of five rounds.  In each round, you have three cardio segments repeated, for a total for six rounds of cardio followed by an intensive core exercise.  The core exercise is mat work, so I lied down to do my first mat exercise.   After being blown away by the cardio and suffering fatigue from the  insomnia, I suddenly found myself having lost minutes of my workout… because I fell asleep on the mat!  That’s a first!

I fumbled through the rest of the workout, mostly skipping ahead and getting a sense what it was like since I was way too pooped to actually do it.  Got about 200 calories burned, which isn’t much, but hey, at least I got something in!

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