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Learning to recharge

I’m not the kind of person who takes vacations.  Even when I have the opportunity, I usually feel bad for not accomplishing enough at lab.  During the winter break, I bring it down a couple notches, but this year, I was plagued with a stomach virus and a nasty, nasty cold.  I tried to work whenever I could physically move, but that ended up being a critical error, as I made mistakes, lost science, and just got generally pushed to the brink in my work.

I was told by many people that I needed to take a break, and this weekend, I thought I would listen to them.  It hasn’t worked out the way I planned, though.  I’m still suffering from insomnia terribly — when Ambien isn’t working, there’s a problem — and I’ve managed to go to bed angry the last two nights.  So today, after being unsuccessful in my usual “Carpe Diem” Sunday mentality, I’m trying to “chillax” my way to sleep.  So far, I have been playing beautiful music by Chopin, drinking herbal tea, and enjoying my evening skin regimen.  (I must say, the regimen is a lot nicer ever since I switched to the organic brand “ilike”.)  I also popped in two pills — melatonin and diphenhydramine.  I hope to not rely on either even by tomorrow, but we’ll see.

As I try to envision a happier day tomorrow, I’m focusing on a kick ass circuit workout (either Imax Extreme or the Viper or Body Max 2) and a trip to the spa.  These goals are the two things I have in mind, and they’re things I enjoy to do, so I’m hoping I’ll come through on them.  I do have a myriad of other little things I need to get done, but they are to be done AFTER I get my workout and spa trip in.  I’ll report in tomorrow with my progress/accomplishments.  🙂

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