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Post Recharge

I came back to lab this morning, bright and early.  No workout in the morning which was sad, as now it is the evening and I’m just too pooped to work out.  I was hoping I’d have the energy to do Travel Fit but I’m not sure if I can even do that.  Despite having a really crappy storm to drive through rush hour traffic, I worked at a great efficiency in the morning.  I hit a ton of different projects all at once.  Whenever there was a feeling of, “ugh, do I have to?” I replaced it with, “Get it done!”  I didn’t have any panic or overwhelming feelings at all, or if they crept up, I brushed it aside.  I even got my H1N1 shot in downtown and ran my way back to bus in the rains and back to work to do more experiments.  Ate a dinner a little bigger than I had wanted to, got into a small FB skirmish, but nothing too horrible.  If I can manage to get my 40-80 minute workouts in, I’ll be pretty happy.  That said, I haven’t done any chores or spent much time with my poochie, but right now, the immediate goal is to get the exercise in first.  And now that I’ve futzed on the Intertubes for our two hours, I think it’s probably a good time to hit the sack.  Good night!

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