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Cathe San Diego Road Trip: Day One

We made excellent time getting down to San Diego from L.A.  We pretty much went 80+ mph most of the way and avoided Anaheim completely.  After getting inside the city limits of San Diego, I started to get impatient, as I didn’t realize how far apart Coronado (the event) and La Jolla (where I was staying) were.  Coronado is a small island off the coast of downtown San Diego.  We crossed this gorgeous bridge and got into the island town and had to navigate our way to the Loews, which almost felt like it was on the opposite side of where we entered the island via the bridge.  After getting parked and realizing my husband and I had been cramped in a car for quite some time, it was refreshing to get out in the gorgeous beach air and walk up to the fancy fancy Loews Coronado.

When I got inside the lobby, I was greeted by the most awesome Beth and some of the other Catheletes.  The whole area was full of excitement, with all these people meeting other athletes brought together by Cathe.  Registration was quick and painless, and we were quickly back to just chatting.  I was afraid that I had missed the shopping opportunities, but everything was running a bit late, it seemed (a theme for the weekend, as I would find out), which worked out just fine for me.  They hadn’t brought out everything, but most people were cooing over the clothing line from FeelFitWear.  Despite the high quality of the pieces, I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of their items, as I felt they were too expensive (although I eventually broke down later in the weekend).

Not too much after that, our step class was set to begin.  Since my husband and I were commuting into the resort, we changed in the public bathrooms and waited patiently in the hallway.  Beth kept us company as we waited, which was awesome, since I was so excited to see her that I was afraid I’d scared her off.  The class started pretty late because Cathe couldn’t find the foam piece that goes over her mic, but when it started, boy did it start!  She pulled combos out of all the step DVDs I had seen and blended them together beautifully.  As usual, I’m constantly impressed with how well Cathe seems to know how her class is doing, even with her back turned to us (she did keep her back turned to us during the first class after the warmup, but she changed to facing us the whole time after that point).  The music was pretty decent; they had a live DJ mixer tweak the music to Cathe’s liking, adjusting speed and pitch to her request.  (I did feel that the song selection needed to be varied up a little bit, and that became really apparent later through the weekend.  I realize that a lot of people did not recognize the music, but not all aerobic classes need to include tunes from the Black Eyed Peas and/or Lady Gaga).  She ended the step routine with a combo from her latest series — actually, half of the first combo of Athletic Step.  I truly was on an adrenaline high, and I amazed myself by being able to do it all.  I’m almost convinced that the adrenaline kept me jumping higher so my feet wouldn’t hurt as much.

Everyone quickly shuffled off to get changed… and that’s when DH and I realized that we had no way to get the stink off.  We had hoped there would be some public showers around the pool, but it hadn’t been figured out just yet, so he and I just wiped down with baby wipes and got into yoga casual clothing for the stretch class after dinner.  I felt special, because while I was combing my hair looking at the mirror in the foyer, Cathe spotted me and caught up with me a little.  Man, she is so sweet!

We had a fajita bar dinner on the terrace outside, but the weather was freezing.  I don’t think they understood that it gets really cold right on the beach in San Diego, especially as the sun starts to go down.  But Beth had snagged a spot near the heat lamp, so it was more comfortable.  I’m not sure if it was because I was massively hungry, but I really liked the Mexican food this time.  This meal would be one of the few that didn’t showcase Eggland’s Best eggs.

After chowtime was done, the others went back to change into their yoga outfits, while my hubbie and I waited.  The stretch class was much needed.  I don’t think that Cathe’s voice is always suited for non-high energy workouts, but I thought the class itself flowed well.  My husband and I were ready to go to sleep after the class, so we said goodbye for now and started to trek up to La Jolla, to slum it up with a friend in UCSD graduate housing.  We got lost twice (once on the island, once on campus), but eventually made it to see Ms. Candar and Mr. Root.  We went to sleep to get ready for a three-workout day the next day, and as usual… I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours.  (But it was all worth it!)

More to come…

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