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Cathe San Diego Road Trip: Day Two

It was hard to wake up the second morning!  I didn’t have DOMS, but my friend’s refrigerator was REALLY loud, so I kept waking up.  We eventually trekked out of La Jolla to get to Coronado for the breakfast at the Loews.  We got there near the end of the breakfast time, where we were greeted by bagels, oatmeal, orange juice, and of course, Eggland’s Best scrambled eggs (the event’s sponsor).  Neither my husband and I were all that blown away with this breakfast.  The eggs got a bit icky fast when they cooled down.  The bagels were fine, with some decent cream cheese.  I didn’t have the oatmeal, but my husband was unimpressed.  But we did get enough food to energize us for the next workout.

The first workout on Saturday morning was a 30/30 split of step and kickbox.  Other people at the event had asked Cathe to face us during the workout, so she did.  It was again with upbeat music, but this workout is where I learned the DJ’s preference to BEP and Lady Gaga.  The step workout had a lot of moves from LIC and the third combo from Athletic Step (minus the skip over the top).  I definitely was losing some steam by the end of the step portion.  I was almost happy that there was no visible clock from where I stood, so I didn’t count the minutes down at one point.  It then shifted to KB, at which point, Cathe said she wanted a couple people up on the stage.  I don’t know what exactly came over me, but for some reason I thought it was a good idea to go up with my husband.  So we did!  Other than the stage platforms sort of separating where I was shuffling, it was a true adrenaline rush, being up in front of all those people.  After we left the stage, we finished off with kicking moves back on the “normal” floor.  I like kicking more than punching in kickboxing, so it was a fantastic way to end the workout.

After the workout, Chris Williams (Cathe’s business partner) had a Q&A session.  My husband and I decided to skip that so we could shower.  Whereas the previous day, we’d been left to be stinky after the workout since we were commuting in, today Cathe’s crew managed to convince the hotel to give us (and everyone at the RT) access to the Loews’ Sea Spa.  What does that mean?  Steam shower and dry sauna, baby!  Going into a steam room followed by the dry sauna is excellent for the skin and an awesome way to relax as well.

After showering down, we headed to do Cardio Core Circuit, only to find that enough people (thankfully) had persuaded Cathe to change the schedule so that we did the originally later-scheduled leg workout at that time.  Um, what was I thanking for, again?  I’m not sure if this ended up helping me, but I have a weird callous/blister on my right big toe that “prevented” me from doing all the bursts. Oh, the lunges… the lunges.  I definitely broke my butt.  I was so happy when we were done.

After the leg workout, we changed really quickly to chow down for an Italian lunch.  The food was relatively decent — chicken and salad and pasta mostly.  The panna cotta was great, but I’m a bit of a dessert fiend.  DH and I tried to hurry up through our lunch, because we were off to the event that I later characterized as MY HUSBAND ATTEMPTING TO MURDER ME, but that’s for another post on another day.  (But before that happened, I bought a cute outfit from Feelfitwear).

The last workout of the day was the dreaded Cardio Core Circuit.  I guess enough people were dreading it, because they convinced Cathe to lay off some of it in order to work upper body instead.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief, because all the cardio was getting to me.  And shortly afterwards, my arms started to shake.  Five pounds may seem harmless to those of us who lift heavy, but enough reps and on my weakest upper body muscles (shoulders), I will falter.  But it’s a good falter — failing is succeeding, right?  She then did a mini Cardio Core Circuit workout, which knocked my socks off.  I ended up skipping the very last core exercise so I could snag a new Cardio Club Step at a hugely discounted rate of $50.

That was the last workout of the night, so we went back to the Sea Spa to change for dinner (which we ended up overdressing for — oh well, I love even a misplaced excuse to wear a dress).  It should be noted that in this day, my husband managed to misplace his wallet, his mobile phone, and our wedding rings.  After he found his phone, he managed to twist his ankle in a pothole.   He hobbled back for dinner and after bringing him some ice, we enjoyed the meal.  Later, Cathe gave away some stuff to the people at the dinner and said some extraordinary kind words to all of us.  She is one classy lady.

After some more hugs and pictures, we headed out back to La Jolla.  I was already pretty sad because I was pretty sure we weren’t going to attend the next workout the following morning because of my husband’s ankle.  But after a long, fun, and exhausting day, I was looking forward to sleep.

Final thoughts to follow soon…

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