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Cathe San Diego Road Trip: Final Thoughts

As I anticipated in my previous post, I did not attend the final Bootcamp on the Beach workout on the Sunday morning of the Road Trip.  My husband had twisted his ankle, and frankly, I had broken my butt ( = major, major badonkadonk DOMS), so I wasn’t too sad when I woke up (again at 4a due to the possessed refrigerator at my friend’s apartment) and decided against going to the class.  From what I heard later, the conditions were not ideal for a perfect bootcamp workout, though Cathe managed to kick their butts.  The beach was slanted and soft; Cathe later told me that she’d been spoiled by the beach at Daytona, which had been big and perfect.

We came to the farewell breakfast (yay, omelet bar!) where we chatted with some more people, picked up our new Cardio Club Step, and got to say good-bye to Beth.  Originally, hubbie and I were going to go to San Diego’s Wild Animal Park with my friend, but between hubbie’s twisted ankle and my soon-to-be massive headache, we settled for taking her out to lunch and then dealing with some annoying traffic back up to L.A.

Ever critical, on the way home I started to discuss with my husband what could have been done better at the RT for Cathe and/or Eggland’s Best to make the event an even bigger success.  A couple things came to mind.  From an EB perspective, the company was pretty absent.  Sure, they had posters up in many places, but the most memorable things from EB were these cute stuffed eggs on one of the tables for display.  The company provided the means for the event, but I wasn’t going, “ooh, I want some Eggland’s” afterwards.  There probably should have been more free stuff, more Eggland-oriented goodies.  My husband felt EB should have had a representative there; they didn’t need a big presence, but something.  We were happy to find a certificate for a free dozen EB eggs, which we promptly used when we arrived home, since we were out of eggs, but nothing else really inspired me.

Most of the RT ran smoothly with the Cathe dot com staff at the helm, but there were some hiccups.  Basically everything started late.  That didn’t bother me that much, but that kind of organization does separate the men from the boys.  They also didn’t bring a lot of items from the FBC line.  I really wanted to get the 4lb weighted gloves, which we had expected would eventually come out to the tables for sale, but we never saw any (if they were out there, we missed them completely, even though we asked for them multiple times at the tables).  Cyndi’s energy was infectious, which was paired funny with most of the guys’ attitudes — they tended to just sit in chairs, not moving, and just watched everyone.

I had previously heard about people having problems getting their Cathe Downloads — this would have been a great time to tell people, “Hey, bring your iPod or other portable device, and we’ll show you how awesome this really is!”  They could have provided a direct transfer, no download problems.

One thing about the workouts — we used towels instead of mats for any work on the (carpeted) floor.  It really would have been nice to have mats (or tell us to bring our own!).

But by far the biggest thing: Someone should have told them that it gets cold in San Diego (right on the beach!) at night this time of year.  The outdoor meals were REALLY COLD!

Ok, so at this point, the big question comes to mind: Was it worth going? This is a bit complicated for me.  I grew up where Cathe’s gym is located, so whenever I go home to visit my family, I go and visit Cathe.  Thus, working out with her specifically isn’t worth the price tag of $300 ($600 if you count that hubbie came also).  But is it up there?  Sure, it is, but there are several things I have to keep in mind.

I didn’t stay at the Loews myself, although Cathe dot Com landed a discounted deal of $150/night at the resort instead of its advertised $450.  That appears to be a big discount, but to add that to what already was a huge expense for us, it didn’t seem worth it.  Thus, we stayed at our friend’s place in La Jolla and drove in.  Yes, it was a bit of a drive, but we decided it was worth the additional $150 x 2-3 nights it would have cost us.*  In addition, the $450/night is a big markup.  I saw before the event that Loews Coronado had an Orbitz promotion for $129/night (before taxes) during the same time period as the Cathe RT.  So $150/night isn’t as unusual a deal as you might at first think.

* Well, to us it was worth it.  (1) We got to see our friend, and (2) we clearly don’t possess the kind of dough that some of the people at the RT had.  There were people with friends in the area or access to free hotels in downtown San Diego (on the other side of the bridge that connects to Coronado Island), and they opted to pay the extra hundreds of dollars so they wouldn’t have to drive.  In fact, there were people who registered their husbands for the event, only to have them attend one, maybe two classes.  If/when I have that luxury… I still wouldn’t do it, but hey, that’s me.

The people promoting the event had said the food alone was worth more than $300.  Though it was *very good* for buffet food sitting at a hotel resort, I must say it was not worth $300.  I have gone to fancier, less expensive places with better food.  Let’s put this in some perspective — do you know what’s worth more than $300?  A five course meal at the Langham for TWO people (~$350 after tax+tip).  The Coronado giving us some of their standard food and Eggland’s putting some scrambled eggs in a chafing dish is NOT > $300.

There weren’t a lot of great deals to be had at the event, either.  The biggest score was the Cardio Club Step, which they sold for $50 (no tax or shipping, obviously).  But none of the other items were really “discounted”.  FeelFitWear had some of their clothes at a 10% discount (if you bought at least two items), and again no tax or shipping.  I know there were a lot of women going ga-ga over this, but when I want a SALE, it’s more than a measly 10%.  I did end up breaking down and I bought one outfit, but since they weren’t capri pants, I needed to get them hemmed (they’re at the tailor’s as I write this).   Neither FFW nor the Cathe folks brought any of their clearance items, which frankly surprised me — clear out inventory with women with no credit card control!  So, yes, there were savings, but there were not… let’s say, HOTTIE savings!

What really blew my mind was being inside a room and among the energy of so many other Cathe fans.  This phenomenon can only be replicated at road trips.  It is very hard to put some kind of value on this feeling.  It was so much fun meeting everyone, hanging out, working out… I really can’t describe it.  I’m not saying it’s the same kind of bonding experience the Breast Cancer Walkers have, but I imagine it is similar.

Ok, back to the question of “Was it worth it?”.  I really can’t estimate the invaluable things like Cathe and the other Catheletes.  I came up with this: let’s say I value each class at $30.  (I came up with $30 because a 5-class package at Physique 57 — no events, just the studio in NYC — was $31/ea), so the classes have a total value of $180.  I put each meal provided at the resort at $20/ea, which would have a value of $100.  And I saved on the order of $50 for items bought at the event.  The total, without incorporating intangibles, would than be $180 + $100 + $50 = $330.  Since $330 > $300, the RT was worth it strictly from a monetary view.  All those hugs, friends, Cathe, and sharing this time with my husband make it on the order of priceless.

Would I go again?  For $300, I’m not sure — it would have to depend on our financial state.  I think if it were $200, there’d be no question.  If we’re in the same place where we are now… probably not, but hopefully, we’ll be in a much better place!  I’m glad we went at least this one time.  So, if you’re a Cathe fan, and you’re thinking about it and you can afford it, I would definitely push you to go at least once.  I don’t regret at all that I did.

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