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Shopping scores from Sunday

I’ve been a bit down for a while, hence the absence on the blog, but nothing picks me up as scoring some good shopping deals.  I’m particularly impressed with myself from last Sunday even before employee screw-ups in my favor.

Advance Auto Parts

My car is in dire need of an oil change.  We use full synthetic and have been absurdly cheap about getting some more motor oil.  I don’t know how most other people use full synthetic, but we don’t normally change every 3 months but every 6 months due to driving habits and the fact that full synthetic can usually last a bit longer.  I know the days of getting them for $1/qt are probably over, but oh boy, did I keep on hoping.  Thus, my car has greatly suffered.  Anyway, Advance Auto Parts had a pretty tempting deal.  First, if you bought over $100 from April 15-20, you would get $50 towards a future purchase in May.  Sweet, right?  Well, on top of that, they had full synthetic oil deals.  If you got 5 qts of ValvolineSynPower 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil and a K&NOil Filter , the whole combo would cost $26.99.  Again, not fantastic, but pretty decent!  The quarts would come out to right under $4/qt and the filter would be around $7.34.  I bought three sets of this deal.  We also really need to replace our windshield wipers so I picked up Trico NeoForm Wiper Blade and it’s mate for Buy 1 get the second for 50% for an effective discount of ~<25% off.  That put me over $100 so I’m done, right?  With tax, $120.54  $50 comes my way and that’s pretty awesome right?

Nope, now comes to rebates.  Trico has a rebate where I can get $15 back if I buy a pair of NeoForm Wiper Blades and Valvoline has a new guarantee engine program that gets me $20 back for purchasing 12 quarts of their full synthetic oil.  That’s $35 back!  Not bad right?  And I’m so good with rebates that I haven’t been denied one in so long that I can’t remember the last time it happened!  So after tax and rebate, $85.54 would be what I paid out before my $50 coupon even comes in.

Well, here comes the screw up.  Apparently, they don’t have the K&N filters for my car.  So, they cancelled it so I was refunded the money back (this would also explain why the web wasn’t taking my order forcing me to call them…but they should have figured that out when I called them).  That put my total price up front with tax $96.39.  I contacted them saying, hey that it was fine that they didn’t have any because I had spare filters lying around (which I do), but I wanted my $50 coupon since I tried to spend more than $100.  They were happy to oblige and manually put me on the list (to which I have email confirmation).  So for this purchase, I paid $61.39 with FS+AT+AR all before I even get my $50 coupon.

Rite Aid

Truly, I do live around the lamest and dumbest Rite Aid in a distance.  But my trip did not start there, but at the decent one on Colorado Blvd.  I bought a couple random things that come together in awesomeness.  The first was a Purex deal — buy one get one free again.  And I had a coupon for each item.  So, I got one oh those Purex Complete 3 in 1 and a Purex Ultra Natural Elements Detergent with a $2 and a $0.55 coupon respectively.  In addition, I got two things from Physicians Formula that had the buy one and get the other 50% off.   I have no mascara right now and I was looking to have a natural every day one as well as one for real make up days.  I snagged a double pack of the 100% Natural Origin Mascara, Ultra Black Organics, Ultra Black (reg. price $9.99) and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo (reg. price $10.95).  So, I got the 50% off the lower priced items.  I also picked up some Kotex pads that I had a $1 coupon for as well.  It all came out to be a little over $25 before tax.

But of course, I’m not done.

First, I had a $5 off of $25 coupon at any Rite Aid Store.  Then, I had the manufacturer’s coupons, $2 for the 3-in-1 Purex detergent, $0.55 for the Pure Naturals, and a $1 for the Kotex.  Well, the Kotex also had a single check rebate through rite aid that would make it so that I would make money off of it refunding me the purchase price before tax.  In addition, Physicians Formula had a “Try Me for Free” rebate on the Mascara Duo, so I get that for free before tax as well.  So, I essentially paid for the organic mascara and the laundry detergent and I had coupons bringing those down lower.  Ok, at the store I paid $21.13 but I am expecting a $10.95 rebate as well as a $3.50 rebate bringing it down to $7.45.  Pretty decent!  But then there’s my screwup and then their screwup.

In the car coming home I realized I forgot to check if the Purex Natural detergent was HE compatible since our washer is HE.  Well, it isn’t so we had to return/exchange it.  Enter dumb Rite Aid.  My DH goes to replace the “free” item for something that would work in our washer but the cashier gives us the full value of the item.  As my DH tries to run away, the manager stops him and realizes the error of his cashier’s way.  Well, he’s no smart cookie either because his genius tells him to give us half of the item value…so we got money back essentially.  That bring my total AT and AR to be $3.40.  Now, that’s decent!

I should only really get credit for pre-screwup deals as the screwups are cherries.  But this kinda stuff lifts up my mood…

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