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STS: Week One Complete!

Actually, I’ve already started Week 2 but I delayed my post because of a death in the family.  I’m still pretty down about it but I figured its best to get up on your feet, and STS definitely helped with it.

This is the second time I’m starting the STS 3.5 month rotation, and the first time incorporating Shock Cardio into the rotation.

For those of you who are unaware of what STS, Cathe’s website describes it as such: “STS stands for Shock Training System and is based on four of the most important training principles in strength training: periodization, muscle confusion, one rep max and progressive overload. STS has been designed using the latest research and is a 3 month strength training program featuring a different exercise routine every time you work out.”  There are no gimmicks to STS, just science (hence why this hottiescientist was so drawn to it!). Shock Cardio came out the following year.  A set of 11 workouts that are not intended so much to be crazy insane cardio, but different kinds of cardio of varying intensity and length.  Cathe dot com describes it as such: “All 11 Shock cardio workouts have been designed to be used with Cathe’s STS strength workouts or as individual standalone cardio workouts. In keeping with the philosophy of always “shocking” your system, Shock Cardio offers a wide variety of different workout types, lengths, and intensities. All of the workouts in this series are under 55 minutes and several are only around 30 minutes in length.”  If you’re expecting Insanity, then you’ll be disappointed with Shock Cardio.  If you’re looking forward to fun, original cardio workouts, then you should consider Shock Cardio.  I’ve done each set separately and I’m hoping this summer to use the two sets together.

Starting the first week of June, I’m following Cathe’s official STS + Shock Cardio rotation and it’s been pretty great so far.  In fact, working with both systems has made me fully appreciate how well she complemented the cardio to STS.  I definitely can’t do Terminator or Hardcore Extreme workouts while doing STS.  These shorter workouts of varying intensity keep me going without getting bored.  As for weight lifting, already the second time around, I appreciate the program more and I feel like I’m utilizing it better.   I didn’t redo any 1RM testing.  With the exception of triceps, it seems that most of my old weights are pretty spot.  I definitely lost my strength in my triceps in the meantime.  Unfortunately, having the weights be so perfect or hard means that I lost all the strength gains I made the first time around.  I sort of expected that, but it was a little sad to fully realize it.  That said, I felt pretty good to not have to redo my 1RMs so it’s a wash.

Disc 1 shocked me back into why it’s called STS.  Geez Louise, all those crazy pushups.  In fact, I felt like this workout was here’s a bunch of chest work with some biceps sprinkled in and then it moved to here’s some shoulder work with some biceps sprinkled in.  Anyway, I never can do any pushup fancier than a on my toes where my standard pushup is on my knees but my pectoral muscles were on fire for days.  This time around I also have the incline risers which I received as a birthday present last year.  It totally has made doing any incline work a million times easier and safer!  I also snagged some 2lb wrist weights to supplement my dumbbell work and its really helped hitting the right target weight when I’m working my biceps.  Shoulder work, as always, BURNS, it BURNS!  I have really weak shoulders so I hope if I’m dedicated to the program, my shoulders will improve.  And it’s always fun to work biceps because all that blood that rushes there from the workout stays a while after so you can look at your guns and go, damn, you’re big!

My next workout was cardio where I did HiiT: 40/20 for the FIRST TIME at 730a.  Eeeek!  I didn’t do the workout on 8 and then 12 inches but rather 6 and 10 inches.  I was just too pooped that morning to try for higher height.  And I’m really glad I did make the change because I got a plenty fine workout the way I did it. In fact, my legs and calves were shaking before it was done.  It’s only a 29 minute workout — how am I shaking before 29 minutes?  Well, it’s a Cathe HiiT workout, that’s how (and I skipped the butt kicks!).  Next time I do 30/30 which I have done before but I may remember about lowering the step height since I’ll be stuck doing it at 7a again.

Disc 2 was Back and Triceps. Instead of working one body part at a time, this workout alternates between the triceps and back for the most part.  Boy, I lost a lot of strength in my triceps but my back work was almost near perfect.  That failure moment can feel so awesome at times!  I still suck at doing chinups and pull ups, and even with the STS Turbo Tower, I still suck at them.  I continue to have issues with the Ys and Ts with the bands and my shoulders get involved and they hurt too much for me to continue with the move.  I put myself in front of the mirror to make sure I was using proper form and it really seems like I’m doing it right…I just probably have super weak shoulders that can’t handle the motion.  But holy crap, I did the side lying one arm pushups…like for real!  I’m very excited to see improvement next week.

My following cardio was MMA: Boxing. Normally, I would wholeheartedly disagree with Cathe’s Workout Manager Met Value for it but at 6a it was tougher than usual!  But in a way, it was a perfect a 6a workout for me as it didn’t have the intensity of an Imax so my body could ease into the motions easier.  It’s actually a ton of fun and a nice deviation away from regular kickboxing workouts.  It focuses much more on boxing moves and I hope one day I can get the heavy bag so I can do the heavy bag bonus.  (I guess I can use my husband as a heavy bag…)  I really love the blitzes she tacks on after the the combinations.  Just a ton of fun.  And I actually can do the core work…well most of the core work…some of the core work.  But I did it!

Disc 3 was Legs. Ugh.  Legs.  I fear all Cathe Leg workouts.  And then to make things worse, the day I was supposed to do the workout I found out about my aunt passing away.  So instead of working on Legs, I ate about 9000 calories in the span of 48 hours because that’s what I do when I’m depressed.  I eventually jolted back to reality to do a double workout where I did Step Moves and then Disc 3.  In fact, I liked doing the light cardio before the leg workout because it really meant my legs were warmed up.  However, the workout still fried my legs good.  I only skipped one exercise and it was mostly because I fell on my butt (damn you, wall squats!).  I did NOT do the bonus leg work.  Mostly because I was scared but also because I had already spent a ton of time of my day on working out and needed to get to other things.  I don’t have Ab circuits but I try to sub with other Core work I have lying around.  (I did, however, woke up with a broken butt and owie hamstrings the next morning from this workout.  STRETCH STRETCH!)

And that was my first week of STS!  Looking forward to Week 2…

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