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STS: Week Two complete!

Ok, this is a little late…week 3 is almost done.  But I’ve been out of town and hadn’t really had time to sit down with the blog.  So, just a short synopsis this time.

The week started out strong with Disc 4: Chest, Shoulders, and Biceps.  I got it done early in the day and felt invigorated for the rest of the morning.  My next cardio was HiiT: 30/30 and it was a lot easier than 40/20 was the week before.  I did everything on 8 inches except for the fast feet shuffle which I realized later that I probably could have done on 8 inches but I was way too scared to try that at 630a.  Disc 5: Back and Triceps was a lot better this week as I adjusted the weights more appropriately for the triceps.  I think my form on my back exercises are failing to I’m debating about lowering the weights to have better form.  I woke up early to do Cardio Core Circuit the next day but I was so tired that I fell asleep again.  I did do Cardio Core Circuit eventually.  I love the first 3 circuits and loathe the fourth one.  The jury’s out on the last circuit.  But I even did the core pushups!  (well, some of them!)  I’ve been putting my Cathe mini man underneath my sticky mat and it’s been helping me absorb some of the impact; it’s been a great solution.  Then Friday came…I found out on Wednesday that I was flying out to the east coast so I doubled up STS workouts and did Disc 6:Legs and 7 back to back.  I did skip some of the leg exercises on Disc 6 because of time restraints and wanting to have enough energy for Disc 7.  I wonder if most of my problems with the Leg workouts is that I’m not stretching out my legs well enough and I lack flexibility.  The last workout of the week was MMA: Kickboxing.  It had to wait until the evening I came back from NJ.  The first combo just dragged on it seems and the other two were pretty quick.  I like the MMA: Boxing workout a lot more.  The MMAs focus a lot on form instead of a super cardio factor, and when it comes to KB workouts, I think I just like a straight out cardio kickboxing workout.

Needless to say, its been a busy week!  It was pretty hard trying to keep STS in schedule but I managed to keep to it by moving around some things.  I may start Week 4 a day early so I don’t have too much time in between Disc 7 and Disc 10.  What’s funny is that I’m already looking into the LAST week of the rotation because I’ll be attending a wedding that weekend and trying to figure out how best to reorganize that week.  Let’s see if I even get there!  🙂  Also, it seems that I’ve manage to shed off the weight gained at the beginning of the month.  I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll keep on heading in that direction…

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