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STS: Week Three Complete!

Wow, this week was so disjointed, but I manged to get it all in. I started out early in fact, doubling up last Friday with Disc 6: Legs and Disc 7: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps.  I was pretty tired at the end of the workout.  I sort of chicked out on the pushups doing most of them tabletop.  I still felt a burn but I just couldn’t push out better pushups with that little energy.  What I really enjoyed about Disc 7 were all the drop sets.  Almost the entire workouts were drop sets, focusing mostly on shoulders and chest.  The bicep work was highly traditional as usual but you know, those 21s get me every time.  I do feel out of all those body parts, my shoulders are improving the most noticeably.

After Disc 7, I had a 3-4 day rest while I was in NJ.  I came home and did MMA: Kickboxing.  Its my least favorite of the MMAs.  I think if I put more effort into strength and form, it would be better.  But honestly, that workout was more for Week 2 that it was Week 3, as I was playing catch-up (I was hoping to catch either Cathe’s KB workout in NJ or my sister’s cardio kickboxing class also in NJ while I was visiting but neither happened).  The following day was my cardio of Week 3, HiiT: Double Wave Pyramid.  WOWOWOWOW.  First, I did that workout so early in the morning after being jetlagged that I’m amazed I could stand up afterwards.  It is definitely the hardest of the HiiTs and only requires a mat.  To help with the shock absorption, I put Cathe’s Mini Mat underneath my sticky mat like I do for Cardio Core Circuit.  Sometimes the mat gets bunched up but I think it saved me through the workout.  I think its my favorite of the HiiTs despite the fact that I suck at it the most.

After I came home from work, I tackled Disc 8: Back and Triceps.  It was very hard to do at the end of the day but I’m glad I did it.  Again, there were a lot of drop sets which I really like to do.  I’m having a better time with the Y’s and T’s with the band as well.  I’m not sure if its better form, or if my shoulders and back are stronger, but I definitely can get through them better.  I think I figured out how to place my body on the pull up tower as well as I was able to really recruit my back and FEEL it while doing pullups and chinups.  I am wondering if I need to drop my kickback weight as they never seem to go as high as Cathe’s crew.

The next cardio was MMA: Boxing.  I am getting a little sick of the MMAs at this point, even though while doing this workout, I realized how much I like the boxing workout more than the kickboxing workout of the Shock Cardio Series.  It was definitely a nice workout to do in the early morning as it gradually works you everywhere.  I then skipped Disc 9:Legs as I didn’t have the energy the next day to squeeze it in.  I did do MMA: Fusion on Saturday. Geez Louise, its hard.  I didn’t get much of a cardio factor in because I couldn’t do a lot of the moves because it required a ton of core strength that I just don’t possess.  Like MMA: Kickboxing, the first combo takes forever because she’s warming you up still but then in the second combo she expects me to roll from my back, cross my legs, and go into a pushup.  Eek!  I just sat there and watched.  However, I totally see how once I can DO the moves, this could be a super, super fun workout.  I only had done this workout once, maybe twice, before, and I could do more moves than I did before but it didn’t go well.  I had intended to do Disc 9: Legs right after but I was so down that I wasn’t really up to it.

I did complete Disc 9: Legs eventually on Sunday.  In the beginning of the workout, I was cursing myself for not just doing it yesterday and not understanding why I was dreading it so much.  But my forearms started to fail on me and I really have terrible flexibility with the paper plate exercises that I didn’t do the bonus workout again.  I think one day I’ll put all the bonus leg exercises together as an exercise to blast the legs but I just can’t seem to do it at the end of STS.  I’m just too mentally fried at the end and I’m happy to get one with the rest of the day.

And the next week is going to be super concentrated as well because of appointments, traffic (screw you, Lakers for putting a parade on a Monday at my workplace), and then the inability to get my hair wet for a couple days (free Kerastase treatment!) is going to make the beginning of the week heavy with the workouts with some rest near the end.  I really hope I get my Exhale DVDs this week as well — I bought the Core Fusion Collection and Core Fusion: Pure Abs and Arms.  I’m still in search for my perfect core workout.  Ellen Barrett is sure close but just not perfect for me…

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