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Top Chef Returns!

This past week started the season 7 on Bravo.  It was fun reuniting with the old faces as well as the new group now in a new city: DC.  As it seems with the first episode, we get bombarded with all the new contestants.  Trying to keep up with, “wait, which one are you?” and “what EXACTLY are you doing?” is always a bit challenging in the beginning, but such is the format of Top Chef.  

The show started the way the all seem to — a quickfire and an elimination challenge.  The quickfire challenge entailed peeling 10 potatoes, brunoising (is that word? oh just call it dicing) 10 cups of onions, cutting up four chickens, and the best four at the end of that round would be cooking a dish with all the ingredients they just prepared.  It became clear that Angelo and Kenny were the strongest out of the gate already.  The judges eventually crowned Angelo as the winner, to Kenny’s and many viewer’s dismay since Angelo’s ego had already had started to grate on the people interacting him on both sides of the silver screen.

The elimination challenge required the contestants to prepare a dish to represent where they came from which would be served at the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Angelo came out on top with Kenny right next to him.  John was sent home for creating a dessert with puff pastry that he bought store made.  Honestly, I wonder how much aesthetics played in the decision.  Whereas Carla from Season 5 managed to keep the kooky and granola charming, John just made me think of the physics major who really needed to shower more often (and I can’t even smell him from where I’m sitting!).  His mannerisms though were fine for chilling out on the beach with did not even hint at “fine dining.”  He’s a James Beard winner, I believe, so I’m sure his food is excellent but if you’re going to plop down hundreds for a meal and then ask to meet the chef…do you really want to interact with that?  I hate sounding superficial but its the whole package, people…

After the first episode though, I find myself drawn to Kenny and Kevin.  Kenny because he clearly kicks ass and his attitude is better than tolerable (especially compared to Angelo!), and Kevin because it does seem he has talent and he works out of a restaurant called “Rats” in South Jersey, about 30 miles away from where I grew up.  Angelo clearly has chops but I’m already hoping he goes down in flames early.  Season 6 was so awesome when they had been whittled down to people who liked and respected each other without any annoying egos…here’s hoping Season 7 will do the same.

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