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Calling all REAL WOMEN…except most of them.

Update (6/29/10): Dove responded calling it an “unplanned gaffe.”  So, it doesn’t sound like the casting company was some kind of scam, it just sounds like this message wasn’t intended to get caught approved.

Wow, Dove really managed to piss me off this morning.

Perhaps you have seen those commercials where Dove touts real women with real bodies?  They have this great marketing campaign calling women to redefine “beauty in their own way.”  It’s a fantastic way to prey on women insecure with their own sense of self (hey, I’m one of them) so that they would buy your more socially responsible products.  Seriously, how many women look like Angeline Jolie?  Not that many…and they want to sell to way more people than that.  In fact, since 2004 Dove has put out advertisements, videos, workshops, sleepovers, and a play to expand their campaign.  The supposed point?  “Celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves.”

Unless you want to be in one of their ads.  Check this out:

I guess I don’t count…I work out 5-6x/week, try to watch what I eat, but I’m still sporting a size 8 and I have stretch marks since puberty so I guess I could never be a Dove Girl. I’m crushed. Really.

Honestly, I can accept the idea that nobody wants to see “fatties” on their HDTVs. I understand that they need to sell a product. But don’t try and tell me you’re selling a non-stereotypical image, when you’re doing exactly that. Fine, I’m not pretty enough to be a Dove girl but my ripped vegetarian friend with her tattoos isn’t as well? And who the hell has perfect skin and is a real working women in the US? Almost everyone I know complains about stretch marks, or cellulite, or scars, or hyperpigmentation…they’re as real as it gets. And on Craigslist out of all places, you, Dove, would dare so idiotically post an ad like that? And its not like you’re not going airbrush/photoshop the parts of the images you don’t like…so seriously Dove: grow a pair.

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