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STS: Week Four Complete!

If this week didn’t “shock” my body, I don’t know what will.  Because of what I perceived to be a screwed up schedule in the past week, I ended up almost always doubling my lifting days with cardio.  It was the first week in the rotation I ever did that consistently all week and it was pretty tough.  I’m up a significant amount of poundage this week but I imagine that has to do a lot with my monthly reminder and the box of Oreo cookies I downed in three days in response to that monthly reminder.  I am pretty upset with my lack of control on the eating front but I am proud of myself for getting in the workouts I did.

Monday was the first day to double up cardio and STS since I was going in late to avoid the Lakers Parade that was right where I work.  I first did Athletic Step.  I don’;t know why that workout still kicks my butt!  I needed breaks.  I tried to keep that as small as possible but I needed them.  I absolutely love the workout and I’m always floored with how Cathe can stay smiling and TALK through it all.  I cooled down by walking my dog and then I promptly went into STS Disc 10: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps.  It was a completely an awesome workout, and a fantastic way to end the month on those body parts.  My 1RM calculations were perfect for most everything except for shoulders.  I really have to spend some time this week during recovery to figure out better numbers for my shoulder exercises.  I think I did get slightly stronger, but I guess the real answer will be next month.

The next cardio I did was HiiT: 40/20.  Remember when I thought the Double Wave Pyramid was the hardest HiiT?  I totally forgot about 40/20.  I did the workout this time on 8 inches and only having a 20 second recovery is TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH!  I skipped the butt kicks as usual, but I did manage to do some of the fast feet shuffle on 8 inches.   I did some Ab work with the medicine ball from Core max to finish off my Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I felt like crap.  TOM was in it’s full force.  I did eventually force my own workout through.  I did the Cardio Only Premix from Circuit Blast and then Disc 11: Back and Triceps.  First, do not think lightly of that cardio premix.  It is super short but it is super hard; it’s basically one set of plyo moves followed by some cardio-esque leg work.  It gets you good.  Dic 11 felt pretty nice as well, and I really feel like both body parts got stronger in the last month.  I did drop down my tricep weights this week and it did seem to help my form.  In addition, my modified pull ups and chin ups on the Turbo Tower has drastically improved from the first week.  That said, I really want to drop by a masseuse or a chiropracter for my back in the next couple days — I worked it hard!

I took a rest day on Thursday (literally, I came back from work early to sleep), and on Friday I didn’t have moxy to do STS Legs.  So, instead I did Step Moves.  I still really like that workout for days when I don’t have a ton of energy but want to get some fun step in.  I don’t know why but I don’t really like the third combo so by the end of the workout, my mind was on autopilot.  Something about it doesn’t engage me that much and there’s a fair amount of time spent on that section.  I vowed to myself that I would make it up to myself the next day for my workout and I did with a vengeance.  I did another cardio+STS day.  This time my cardio was from CCC — everything but the cardio parts of circuit #4.  Talk about crazy intense!  But the workout is really growing on me.  I have a tendency to really like workouts that are hard but I feel are within my reach.  When I first started to do CCC, I could barely get through the cardio and I just lay on my back watching Cathe doing the core moves because my core was so weak it couldn’t even think about doing those moves.  Now, I can manage almost every core exercise except for the very last one, and I don’t think I’m that far off from being able to do the last one either.  If that doesn’t show improvement in a month, I don’t know what will!  After being drenched in my own sweat from CCC, I attempted to do the final disc, STS Disc 12: Legs.  I hate to say it but I never did a single bonus leg burn this month.  Sorry, just couldn’t do it by the end of the workout Cathe.  Hopefully, it’ll be something to work towards the next time I try the rotation out.  Again, 1RM calculations were near perfect for the heavy lifting of this workout.  Paper plate exercises on the other hand show almost no improvement.  I really need to work on my flexibility.  And Cathe is insane about that One Leg Sit in Stands.  I don’t know how to do that without my butt slamming on the seat yet.

The whole month FLEW.  I’m really happy to be in the active recovery week (cardio! cardio!) and I’m also excited about starting hypertrophy next month.  Muscle endurance went a lot better this time than it did the first time around last year.  Honestly, I think if I just was consistent with my eating, I would be seeing some great results.  My arms look great, but my back and legs just hurt for now.  Here’s hoping to a fat melting recovery week!

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