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Top Chef: summer treats and picnics

A belated recap, but belated is better than nothing.  (As you may have heard, I lost some depth perception recently.)  I’ll keep it short.

I didn’t actually care for this episode at all.  The quickfire was a dessert challenge which really seemed to be a front to show the Top Chef audience, look we have a new show!  DVR that show please too!  I get it — unless you’re a pastry chef you’re probably going to suck at desserts.  The whole quickfire were the contestants pissing over themselves.  Though some moments an average cook could have avoided.  Tracy has literally screwed herself public image wise in her short stint at Top Chef.  That mish mosh pie almost made me gag.  Angelo’s brain trick, “it’s a curry challenge” made me want to question his intelligence.  There was also a fancy pie put out by Alex (who’s restaurant I’ve gone to previously) that seemed like he was picking random ingredients in the dark.  The winners?  Big surprise, the simple chocolate ganache and a new spin on a banana fosters pie.  Kenny’s banana fosters pie won finally giving him the victory he needed and deserved.  Onto the elimination challenge…

The elimination challenge was a summer picnic…mostly BBQ… for the interns of DC.  Everybody tried something and most everyone was happy with what they made…each saying they were sure they were going to be on the top with the exception of Tracy who tried to make lemonade out of lemons.  The most memorable line went to Alex, who I’m convinced was pushed to say it by the producers, fr saying his pork butt was something he’d, “eat the ass out of this pig all day.” Amanda surprised her fellow chefs by coming out with the best ribs (wtg girl for showing we can do a man’s job better then men!), and though Angelo had a magazine cover dish, it was Arnold who won the day with his lamb meatballs.  No, I’m not going to make a ball joke.  And I was happy he won.

The loser?  Tracy.  But the way the episode was made, did we not think Tracy was going to tank it?  She just screwed up everything from top to bottom.  “If that’s what you call Italian food, then it’s almost insulting to Italians, including me.”  Ouch.  And frankly, why did the producers decide to show the part where Tracy says she’s clairvoyant?  To make her look more crazy?  That just isn’t nice.  What was surprising was to see Kevin at the bottom.  I did not expect to see him produce “safe Puerto Rican” food.  But the exchange the judges had, where they explained how chefs take normal food up a notch, was really important to hear.  That was probably the best part of the entire episode.

Honestly, I hope there will be better episodes to come.  There’s some kinda reunion coming up?  I’ll be looking forward to it…

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