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STS: Week 5 complete!

Last week was my “active recovery” week. I ended up getting bogged down by life…mostly my husband getting the flu…but I got some pretty kick ass cardio in.  I started out the week with my favorite cardio workout of all time: Imax2.  I ended the workout with a nice relaxing walk with my dog.  The next day I did 4DS: Kickbox first thing in the morning.  I absolutely adore that workout.  Its a perfect <40min workout to me for the early morning.  It has a great gradual warmup and then just kicks it up so beautifully that the sweat is cleansing.  I tried out my new Exhale DVDs as well which has been turning out great as well.  Tuesday got a bit screwed up because my husband called me from work asking me to pick him up because he was so sick.  I did, and had intended it to just be a yoga day by doing Ellen Barret’s Skinny Sculpt int he morning, but ended up doing 4DS:HIS, another goodie for a short workout.  Wednesday rocked the casbah when I took on Athletic Step plus 30 minutes of Exhale’s Pure Abs and Arms.  I love Athletic Step, and I do it a lot, but it still continues to kick my arse!  Thursday, despite feeling like utter crap when I woke up and eventually not going into work, I did Cardio Core Circuit.  Call me a masochist, but there is something about conquering hard workouts that makes me feel soooo good.  I still have problems with the lateral hops of the fourth circuit and I cannot do the last core exercise (even Cathe’s modification) but I’m getting better.  Friday ended up being my rest day since I still felt like crap, but I finished the week strong on Saturday with BM2 Timesaver Cardio on EIGHT INCHES and the finished combo of Athletic Step.  I really put in a ton of step since I felt that was deficient in the last month.  The current month’s rotation looks a little better mixed.

I unfortunately didn’t lose any weight on the recovery week, but I attribute that to my eating crap.  I’m starting the new month right, drinking lots of water, eating healthy and fiber rich foods, and trying to sleep enough.  I’m not doing well on the last one of those…but I’m super hopeful for the results!

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