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My Final Fantasy Project

In the beginning there was the Crystal…

Well for me, the beginning was borrowing a dorm-mate’s PlayStation so I could play hours of FFIX.  I finished the game in under 30 hours.  And I loved it.  And I wanted more.

Over the years, I’ve put a bunch of video games under my belt.  Sadly, the Final Fantasy series isn’t at the top anymore (ones that are include Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Tales of, and Disgaea).  Nevertheless, it has a special place in my heart.  As I finished the latest installment in the series the other day, I couldn’t help but wondering, “Weren’t these games better before?”

And then I had my idea:

Why not play every single game in the series in a row?

I realize I still have some virgin games on my shelf (but not many for the bigger consoles at this point), but I thought this would be a really fun project to do for a couple months.  I have most of the games that can be played on PS2.  Any of them that I don’t, I’m sure I can find the ROMS somewhere for the ZSNES emulator.  And because I’m all about social gaming, I want as many of my friends to join me on this, in my physical den and in the virtual world.

Here are some of the rules:

  1. We start from the original Final Fantasy and go through Final Fantasy XIII.  No spin offs. I love a lot of the spin offs (Tactics being the best), but I just want to go through the “canon” series, if you will.  If we did every one in the series and their spin offs, I would never get to play new games for a long time.  The only one I *may* consider is FFX-2 but even I’m disinclined to do that one.
  2. No cheat codes, but walkthroughs are allowed. I don’t want to play the game on super max buffness.  I want to PLAY THE GAME.  I like to play under-leveled but I can easily be persuaded to level up.  Walkthroughs can be used to enhance game play.  Walkthroughs are allowed only when we don’t know what to do or if its some stupid arcane system that would take me another 30 hours to figure out (especially if it means I get some Ultima weapon).
  3. Announcements on progress and updates for the project will be through my Twitter list. I will definitely update the twitter feed, and I’ll hopefully put our best moments on the list for posterity as well. Let me know if you want to play through the list as well — we can all eat and cook together too!  It’ll be fun.  Share it with your friends as well — the more the merrier!
  4. In my house, Final Fantasy play will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance so that anyone who wants to join in the social fun knows ahead of time. I ask that virtual gamers doing the project with me at least start each new game with me. This way we don’t have my husband playing the game for 8 hours through the night when he has insomnia, and people in the project don’t feel like we’re rushing through without them.  For anyone who lives far away from me and wants to be part of it, I doubt you’ll really go that much faster than us, but it would be nice that we at least start each game in the series together.
  5. In my house, don’t be a douche about social gaming.  I love the fact that I can play games with my friends.  My husband and I make a great team for gaming because he loves to level up (which I hate) and I love to have tough quick thinking strategic boss battles (which he does not quite care for).  But mostly, we can share.  Please share in my house.  In fact, please share in your house.  Sharing is nice.

So, who’s in?

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