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STS: Week 6 Complete!

Wow, this week sort of flew by.  But I stuck to STS almost perfectly and I’m glad I did.Monday, I had the day off so I had hemmed and hawed about switching up the schedule since I had more time but I ended up by sticking to the schedule and doing HiiT:30/30.  I really am beginning to love these HiiT workouts.  I think the part that I really love (other than the awesome calorie burn during and after the workout) are the BREAKS!  Its those breaks that get me through the workout…having just enough time to convince myself I can do the next interval.  I’m having a lot better endurance than I did even 6 weeks ago.  I don’t need to shave off minutes here and there and I can do it all on an 8 inch step.  I still have problems on the fast feel shuffle but I think I can get that eventually.  I did segment three of Core Max since I don’t have Ab circuits and I really liked it.  As usual, I find that my obliques are stronger than any other part of my abs.  I still can’t do all of Cathe Ab work, but its definitely an improvement.

Tuesday started off Meso 2 strength.  I started thinking I was going to dread but after I couple exercises I was in LOVE.  I think Meso 2 is my favorite.  I like the reps, the weights, and the breaks.  Again, with the breaks I love — its perfect in Meso 2.  Where in Meso 1 I felt rushed trying to change weights and write down notes, I had no problems this week.  The first workout was Disc 13: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps which I absolutely adore to do together.  It followed a pyramid down technique and it worked each body group for about three exercises.  After three sets of pyramid down, you’d get to do a total failure set.  I’m not sure if I’m good at determining total failure — I think I tap out faster than I should — but it was still fun.

Wednesday was Cardio Core Circuit.  Wohoo, that workout is still hard.  I got through the first three cycles without a single break.  How awesome is that?  That said, my husband that I was going to die when I took my break between the third and fourth cycle.  I didn’t realize at first that the rotation called for MORE ab work that day so I had to do it before I went to bed after I came back from work.  Thursday, I did Disc 14: Legs — Trisets!  Love Trisets.   I certainly felt like my legs were jello at the end of it.  I think I had a huge grin going into work despite not being able to move very well; I used to be so afraid of Cathe Leg work and now, look at me, I’m grinning!  So I grin even more!  I like the heavier weight work for legs more than sculpting…maybe I shouldn’t because of the body type I want, but eh.  The other thing that’s great about the Legs in Meso 2 — shorter workouts!  Its easier to cram it in.

The weekend was a little bleh.  I got up early on Friday to do Step Moves, which was a ton of fun but I had to go into work so early that I think it took out a lot of the fun.  I got pretty exhausted and tired after that, and just eating everything in sight after I came home.  I had no workout on Saturday mostly because I watched a super sad movie (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale), but I did finish up the STS week on Sunday with Disc 15: Back and Biceps.  I’m not so keen on working out on these body parts, but it was still a good workout and shorter than CST.  I can do more modified chinups/pullsups on the Turbo tower which is motivating.  I was discouraged with my barbell rows at one point because they just seemed so much harder, but I realized midway that I still had my weighted gloves on so I was adding another 4lbs to the weight I was pulling!  Bicep work is fine but I still to be really weak on preacher curls…I wonder if my form is off.

I’m looking forward to the next week of STS, despite my craving to go buy Turbofire and ditch the rotation.  I will stay strong!

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