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Top Chef Double Recap: Chefs collide

I actually thought I had posted last week, but it seems to have gotten eaten in the ether. Both of the last episodes showed the chefs getting contentious with each other. I know its reality television and all but am I the only to miss the camaraderie that existed in the last season?  I know there were definitely egos bashing but the Voltaggio brothers, Kevin, Jennifer, and Eli really made it seem near the end that there were chefs making good food as opposed to Survivor like flanks.  I miss that a lot.

In last week’s episode, the quickfire challenge seemed to be a little unrealistic to me.  The challenge was to create a dish that adults could have to eat and then blended for babies.  My mind literally was screaming, BABIES DO NOT NEED TOP CHEF GOURMET FOOD!  I mean, sure its a different kind of challenge, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.  That’s not say I’m for always feeding your child Gerber, it just seems ridiculous.  Kenny and Tamesha won the quickfire (but not immunity).  Kenny won for his curried chicken and Tamesha for a vegetable chowder (which I think only won because she incorporated licorice oil; it turns out that licorice is something Colicchio can’t live without).

The actual elimination challenge was interesting — a tournament style elimination per meal of the day.  Chefs got to choose their partners — I guess too many people didn’t like being paired randomly — but it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of great friendships (not including romances) that are burgeoning in this group.  We got to see some alumni come back as judges as well (Voltaggio, Isabella, and Spike).  The (seemingly) strongest chefs did not gain safety first; Tiffany/Tim and Amanda/Stephen were the best of the breakfast round.  Alex ended up saving Ed during lunch (after Ed screwed up at breakfast), making Ed look like a major jackass for complaining about Alex nonstop.  Angelo and Tamesha gained safety at lunch with a beef salad.  Nothing all that impressive…at least to me.  So, the dinner became a frantic run away from elimination among Lynne/Arnold, Kelly/Andrea, and Kenny/Kevin.  Kelly/Andrea and Kenny/Kevin went head to head for both choosing pork loin but the women came out on top for “bringing the business” or “having a better glaze” or what I like to call, “cooking better.”  (Take the sarcasm with heart, I actually am rooting for Kenny/Kevin though Kenny less with his ego coming out more.)   Arnold and Lynne were sent home because Lynne undercooked her pasta after making a huge deal about how the pasta was going to be overcooked.  AND THEN she actually blamed Arnold for their loss.  Now, you tell me: Who wants to learn from this woman now?

With that episode concluded, we come to this week’s quickfire: crabs!  I love crabs and was really interested to seeing what the chefs would do with it.  They were presented with live crabs from Maryland.  Nobody really impressed me.  At the bottom were Andrea, Amanda, and Kevin and at the top were Ed, Kenny, and Angelo.  Ed ended up winning with a “stolen” Asian inspired presentation (stolen in that Angelo, the more “Asian” cook did not cook that way this time and despite Kenny preparing the crab three different ways.  It goes to show that bringing out the taste in the ingredient is usually more important than all the way you can cook it.

The elimination challenge had the chefs travel to Aurshire Farms, Virginia’s first totally certified organic and humane farm.  My husband and I couldn’t help but chuckle given that the chefs JUST disemboweled a bunch of live crabs.  I guess humanity doesn’t apply to crabs.  They all had to work as a one team, but each person would be responsible for something on the table.  Um, how is that them competing as a team?  We just saw them argue and not work together and not do anything really as a team.  I thought they all should have been sent home.  The top chefs were Kevin (yay, finally!), Kenny, Andrea, and Kelly with Kenny as the final winner with his curry.  Padma, Indian like myself, seems to be considered a curry critic so that makes me happy.  At the bottom were Tim, Amanda, and Stephen.  Tim was asked to leave and I was happy since his attitude of “I am so awesome” kept on being shown up.  After not being able to grill when you run a steakhouse…I dunno, I just lost respect I guess.  I know a lot of people think Stephen should have left but I’m happy he stayed.  Whenever he is on camera he’s pretty fun so I wouldn’t mind more of that.

Next week they chefs judge each other.  Ouch.  That’s gonna hurt…

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