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STS: Week 7 done!

I am THRILLING to this Mesocycle.  This week was my favorite so far!!

On Monday, I did HiiT: Double Wave Pyramid.  It’s decided — that’s my favorite HiiT workout.  I even wore my matching outfit from feelfitwear.com.  I better have burned more calories for my cuteness!  It was a great way to start the week, just absolutely fantastic.  The next day, I woke up pretty early to do Disc 16: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps.  Hence, I started my workouts of pyramid down PLUS back-off sets.  I utterly adore this system.  I felt so great and strong.  I just really have been hitting my stride in this Mesocycle.  The breaks were perfect and I almost made no changes to the weights.  Shoulders are always a problem but they’re definitely getting stronger.  I was afraid I went too weak on the tricpes, but Hello!  There they were the next morning.

On Wednesday, I had a shitty a morning.  Almost not a wink of sleep.  Despite this, I tried to do Athletic Step.  I took way too many breaks but I did get through that super fun workout.  I don’t have Ab Circuits so I did the 20 minutes of Ab work from Exhale’s Pure Abs and Arms which I like very much.  Thursday, my whole schedule got screwed up so I had to push the next STS workout until Friday.  So, Friday morning I did Disc 17: Legs.  Gotta love the trisets.  I had one almost terrifying accident.  While having decently heavy weights in my hands for static lunges, I stepped back to land on the shamwow on the floor (my sub for paper plates) and almost lost complete control.  I was really afraid I was going to injure my abductor.  But when it was done, I was soooo happy.

Saturday, I did  double workout not realizing how long it was going to be. MMA: Boxing was the first part of the workout.  Gosh, its uber fun and my favs of the MMAs.  I did all of it, no breaks, and it flew by!  I did the Abs section as well and though I couldn’t do all of it, I did almost 90% of it.  Honestly, I think my core has made the most significant strides since starting this 3.5 mo rotation.  I then took a 20 minute break and did Disc 18: Back and Biceps.  I’m getting better at those pullups/chinups!  I mean, nothing to brag about except to myself though.  I really mis-underestimated my bicep strength it seems.  I had some significant problems on the concentration curls.  But man, I was SWEATING during that STS workout.  At one point, between the back and bicep exercises I had gone to bother my husband to actually do the chores he said he would do while I worked out and he thought I was in the midst of cardio because I looked like I was pushing it so hard.

Looking forward to Week 8!  I’m only sad that this Mesocycle has to end!

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