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Review: Enter the Youngblood…

For those of you who have known me in real life, you would know I’ve been pushing Jane Iredale for years.   And this was before the mineral makeup craze of Bare Escentuals and Sephora-gaga fans were buying everything in sight.  Why did I love mineral makeup?  It was the first time I felt there was makeup that worked for my ethnic skin.  Over the year, it seems that the big counters in the beauty department of Macys or Nordstorm only tailored to white people, some other white people, OMG, there’s a whole MAC counter now for black women, more white people, super fair Asians that wish their skin was whiter than white people, and old white people.  I’m Indian so my brown (GORGEOUS!) tanned skin has golden undertones.  You go too neutral, I wash out.  You go to yellow, I look like those fake baked tan people.  And god forbid natural coverage.  I’d wear makeup in college and my gosh people were just mean to me when I wore makeup that I just stopped dressing up completely and accepted myself as someone who could never be or feel beautiful and just rely on my smarts.  A couple years later, I was a med spa where I bemoaned the lack of makeup for people of my skin-tone where this wonderful esthetician introduced me to Jane Iredale.  Now, not all mineral makeup is the same. Jane Iredale, at the time, not only made high quality mineral makeup but she made it for so many different kinds of global shades.  You go back a few years into the Sephora in Hollywood, I’d still come out with empty bags despite the mineral makeup craze.  Jane Iredale was almost like a goddess to me — presenting me with fun and play and piece of mind.  But times have changed.

Why are you cheating on Jane Iredale?!!?  She has given you so much and look at you! I’m not sure if its because I’ve been in SoCal for over ten years now, and I spend a fair bit of time outdoors  on my fitness stuff but I’m darker than I used to be and I managed to create a shade JI couldn’t match great as a foundation.  I was stunned in fact.  I had been Latte for a long time but I was getting washed out.  I tried Golden Glow…but it was too light.  A shade or two darker would have been beautiful.  No on the caramel, and autumn was the closest thing.  Now, I was using the pure pressed bases as I find it to be crazy convenient, and had started to consider going to the loose powder so I can see if the shades were different there.  But honestly, I was getting a little fed up with trying so goddamn much!  What happened?  I’m sure its me, and not her, but it still means I have to end this relationship.

Youngblood, who?  It sounds like something out of the Twilight saga. But thanks to time and some luck, I was turned on to Youngblood Minerals.  A beauty person I knew had recommended it to me if JI was giving me problems, citing the fact that I had oily skin and JI in her opinion suited dry skin and Youngblood was better for oily skin.  Younbglood Mineral Cosmetics was a company founded in 1996.  Pauline Youngblood Soli was Medical Aesthetician working out of Beverly Hills who turned to mineral makeup to originally help people with acne, rosacea, and traumatized skin from laser and cosmetic surgeries.  The cosmetic line that resulted could cover raw, inflamed, or discolored skin, but allow it to breathe and heal.  Her minerals are micronized (anything smaller isn’t good for you, actually) and highly reflective crystals that smooth fine lines and blemishes.  Her cosmetic line is free of oils, chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrances, dyes, or parabens.

In the past week, there was an event at Spa Xanadu (which I will comment on in another post…not nearly as positively though — the event, not the spa), where they were showcasing Youngblood and getting color matched.  I bit and brought my husband.  After what I would consider terrible management of time, I eventually got to a wonderfully sweet makeup artist to do my color consultation.  I glanced at the display and heaved a heavy sigh.  I was not impressed.  Well, I was impressed with the selection and presentation, I just wasn’t impressed because my shade didn’t seem to be there.  I had just wasted so much time too!!  But she looked at me and said,”…no, I don’t think the liquid is going to be right for you at all…how about this…<blending, brushing, blending, brushing>…what do you think?”


It didn’t look like I had makeup on AT ALL but that I had flawless skin.  No liquid foundation, no hydration spray, no multiple tries — bam, there it was.  I turned to my husband and he looked at me sand said, “did they put the make up on?  Whoa!  That is SO much better than Jane Iredale!”  (Seriously, he said that.)

Oh geez, take all my money!  I want everything!

How EXACTLY did she manage to color match your weird skin?  You know, for my friend… My makeup artist had blended the mineral rice setting powder in dark which had this awesome golden tone to it.  She then blended and put on the coffee, which I thought would be too dark, but just really lightly brushed it on and there I was with near perfect skin match.  Hey, less is more when it comes to makeup people!  First, it’ll last longer stretching your dollar out more, and second, the less stuff you put on your face, the better.  That’s just me, I realize, but its not a bad idea to follow.  (I know that Jane Iredale sells her product as “skin care makeup,” but there’s no makeup that’s skin care.  I love you, but sorry, it isn’t and it’s misleading.  It’s great that the stuff is such awesome quality that the American Cancer Society can use it on patients who have to endure chemotherapy, but it’s NOT skin care.)

Coffee Natural Mineral Foundation (Loose)

Dark Rice Mineral Setting Powder

The makeup artist continued to play with more colors for my eyes and cheeks, and I have to say that I think the colors, though not as many as JI, are more playful.  That said, I’m not going to ditch my awesome JI eyeshadows and eyeliners which are to die for.  I feel like the Youngblood color line are for women going out in the evening and my, not all, Jane Iredale colors are for me to look awesome at work.  I’m sure both companies will expand their color selection with time, and Youngblood has some catching up to do, but hey, I can wait (after my paycheck gets deposited.  STILL IN GRAD SCHOOL!).

So, how much did you dump into this?  Beauty ain’t cheap. I would have loved to have bought makeup on the spot but Spa Xanadu was so poorly managed at the event and it was so late that we went home.  I’ve already ordered the foundation and setting powder from BeautyBridge.com, and I even ordered the Expressionism and Romanticism Artists Palettes from Youngblood themselves (though there was an ordering snafu that I hope they will fix in some way or another) and they are really quite lovely and smart (and ya’ll know I love the smart).  I feel like its a better evolution of the refillable compact that Jane Iredale put out earlier this year.  Instead of just popping out your foundation disc like JI, I can literally pull out strips connected by magnets for my eye shadows and blushes. How cool is that?  I mean, it’ s a lot bigger than the refillable compact but it’s also pretty cool as well.  When playing with it earlier today I was thinking — “Why didn’t they win some green recognition  for that too?”

Artistse - Expressionism

Artistse - Romanticism

Any caveats?  Can’t you complain about something?  You’re good at complaining. My makeup artist did use the Mineral Primer which she touted but I hope I don’t really need it for the final finish.  Like, JI, Youngblood uses a lot of great ingredients but they do use dimethicone and derivatives of dimethicone in products outside of the loose mineral powders.  I actually don’t think dimethicone is all that bad, and I don’t get an irritation from it, but like I said, less is more to me.  The other weird thing is the naming of the colors.  Sorry, I just don’t think coffee when I see my foundation.  I didn’t think toffee when I saw that one either.  Same thing with sunglow.  Now a rose by any other name is still a rose…but it doesn’t hurt to just call it a rose. It’s a bit hard to find the products at brick and mortar stores.  I live in upscale spa mecca, but if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere you’re out of luck and have to go through Internet retailers.  JI has managed to get sold on beauty.com, dermstore.com, skincarerx.com and a lot more.  Youngblood’s distributors are not so vast nor with as great return policies.

Like Jane Iredale, I expect Youngblood to expand greatly to the general public in the coming years; its been around for almost 15 years.  I’m not going to be surprised at all if there is name dropping in Allure and Self.  Keep and eye out and try it for yourself!

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