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STS: Week 8 Complete!

Ugh, this week was hard.  It didn’t start out hard, but it seems that I have one week of PMSing followed by one week of TOM.  By midweek, I was bloated and depressed and going into a place I didn’t care for.  It seemed so NOT what I wanted!  I even asked one of my online exercise check in buddies if it was her TOM because we tend to be TOM buddies (thankfully, she confirmed).  But I did eventually get all my workouts done this week and most of them on schedule.

The week started out killer with hardest HiiT workout of them all — HiiT 40/20.  Jebus, it kills me.  I needed some extra breaks…some of those minute breaks turned into three (maybe even five!) but I spent it well huffing and puffing.  Disc 19: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps started Double Wave Loads.  Holy weight lifting, Batman!  This type of exercise was soooo cool!  My biggest problem with the workout was that it was 70 minutes and that required me getting up extra early to get it done before my 9a weekly appointment and then work.  But at the end of it I was grinning like a kid.  Again, the minute rests were perfect.  I am a lot more prepared for weight changes in this month, but having a full minute makes me not feel rushed and I have time to drink water, stretch, change weights, and log in notes.  Just love it.

Wednesday was a cardio day; actually it was mostly my least favorite cardio of the Shock Cardio series, MMA: Kickboxing.  However, I was pleasantly surprised this week.  First, Cathe had recommended we do the Cardio Premix of Circuit Blast.  I did that first and it just pumped my heart rate from the get go.  It’s pretty tough actually!  Maybe not as bad at the HiiTs or Cardio Core Circuit, but still tough!  I guess all that cardio/weightlifting in between gives a bit of a break for your lungs, heart, and legs.  When MMA: Kickboxing came, I was determined to really focus on my form and wow that made a ton of difference.  It was a lot more fun and a bit more challenging.  I think, sometimes, when we complain about intensity that we forget that we control our own intensity in the end.  I was happily reminded that with this combo cardio workout.

On Thursday I got up extra early again to do Disc 20: Legs because I knew I needed to leave work early and I wasn’t going to be home until late.  The trisets are a lot harder earlier in the morning.  But the most awesome thing ever happened….I can finally do the One Leg Sit N’ Stands!  Seriously!!  I don’t know if I managed the mother of all cheats but all of a sudden I could do it with only one leg.  I imagine part of it is that I finally knew where to place my foot but maybe, just maybe, I’ve developed some core stabilization muscles?  (please?)  Just uber cool.  Actually, I almost forgot to sit down at one point.  😛

Friday, I woke up a little later mostly because I was just so fatigued.  MMA: Fusion was on tap.  It’s still a hard workout for me but its getting better.  I skipped one of the drills at the beginning because my legs were so tight from the day before.  This workout requires such good form to be an excellent workout…I’m sure it’ll be darling once I can do more of the moves better.  I definitely like the second and third combo more, and I always feel the first combo drags (though not as much this time).  I ended up taking a rest day on Saturday because I was just so hormonally screwed up I couldn’t bring myself to workout.  Sunday didn’t start out that much better with a headache and a trip to the dentist.  (What a combo, right?)  But I refused not to finish out the week before I went to bed so I eventually pushed out Disc 21: Back and Biceps.  I am not a fan of back work, but I do it because I know its important.  Double waveloads on such heavy weight of the barbell killed me again like it did the last time in the rotation.  My forearms were so fried by the point of the deadlifts that I needed a seriously long break before I could come back to the workout.  My husband suggested we get straps for the back barbell work.  After that, I was in a bit of a sour mood but I ended up finishing up the workout, eager to stay on path.

So, the week started out bang and ended with a whimper.  But I’m hoping we my hormones readjusted in the coming week that I’ll at least have an awesome cardio recovery week…but I have to finish Week 9 first!

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