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STS: Week 9 complete!

I was completely true to the rotation this week.  So, a whole seven days without a rest day!  It was my favorite week of my favorite mesocycle.I was so good Monday morning.  Alarm went off early, I got up early, ate a power breakfast early, and started my HiiT workout early!  Thank God it was HiiT 30/30 and not HiiT 40/20!  I took minimal extra rests though near the end, my body was really calling for it.  I gave Evee (my pooch) a half mile walk and then subbed in some Ab work from my Exhale DVDs.  Tuesday came a’rolling to do Disc 22: Chest, Shoulders, and Tricep workout.  Drop sets!!!  They’re uber fun and the workout goes by faaast!  Which was super important because I was really rushed for time that day (despite still waking up early and getting an early start).  The most exciting part ever…I did the first TWO sets of 10 pushups on my toes.  20 pushups on my toes!  2-0!  Holy moly!  I keep on thinking of a way that I must have cheated them.  But then I tanked the tricep pushups so I know I was fried there!

Wednesday was the intimidating Cardio Core Circuit.  Despite showing marketable improvement the last couple tries at the workout, I didn’t do as great this time.  I did it, and I was happy for doing it but I just wasn’t proud of myself like the last couple times.  But I had been starting to falter on sleep again (a lot of stress hit me hard with my boss coming back from travelling in Europe), and I imagine my performance had a lot to do with that.  The next day, I really didn’t want to do anything, but I mustered the energy to do Disc 23: Legs.  It came after a night of about ~4hrs of sleep from a ton of frustration.  Every email I read annoyed me (well except the check-in group), every phone call annoyed me too.  Honestly, Cathe was the only person who didn’t annoy me.    It was another workout with trisets, and I had to go lighter on these sets due to my serious fatigue.

Friday morning, I woke up and did MMA: Boxing again on little sleep.  Well, it’s my favorite MMA and being so tired, it was a super great sweat!  I loved it!  It totally pulled me out of my funk.  I even got dressed up for work. But the fun was going to end soon as I guess going out the Cheesecake Factory Friday night in honor of National Cheesecake Day meant I was going to pick up some horrible germ which made me throat kill me in the morning and create a ton of sinus pressure.  What was supposed to be a jam packed day ended up me moping and being useless at home.  I pushed out the last workout, Disc 24: Back and Biceps, which also utilizes drop sets.  It was a short workout which was nice, but I didn’t put my all into it because I felt like such crap.  I’m almost certainly going to buy some barbell hook as my forearm strength completely tanked on the deadlifts which I normally love to do.  I went lighter on my concentration curls as well but I tried really hard to make sure I went to failure on my last bicep set.

I have a short recovery week because I need to start the next rotation a couple days earlier since I have a wedding up in San Francisco on Labor Day weekend.  I was hoping to do something hard first thing but with this lump in my throat, methinks I’ll be in bed a little longer…

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