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STS Week 10 and 11 barely complete…

These last two weeks have not been great for me at all.  I got massively sick two weekends ago and I’ve been playing catch-up ever since.  I got TWO workouts in my recovery week.  Just two!  And they were light step workouts — first I did 4DS: LIS cardio only when I felt like my congestion was loose enough to breathe again and the next day I did Step Moves.  What they lack in intensity, they make up for in a serious fun factor.  (If you do love step with semi-advanced choreography, I highly recommend getting these two workouts).  That was the entirety of my Active Recovery week or STS Week 10.

STS Week 11 wasn’t so great either.  In fact, its not even really complete at this point.  All during my sickie recovery week and last week I had severe back pain.  I didn’t want to touch STS: Chest and Back.  I just didn’t want to aggravate it at all.  So I ended up doing every workout except for that. Hiit: Double Wave Pyramid kicked my ARSE hard core.  I told myself that I was still recovering from being sick but I could barely do it and I needed some serious breaks.  Because I had such a bad run with the HiiT workout, I was super leery of doing Plyo Legs.   When I finally did get myself psyched to do it, I got into the groove pretty quickly.  It moves very fast.  You alternate between a plyometric move and some weighted leg exercise.  So, yes, your legs are like jello near the end of it but maybe more like that decadent chocolate mousse jello.

I was looking forward to doing Athletic Step as it has surpassed Step, Jump, and Pump for my all time favorite steady state cardio workout.  Clearly, I was still out of it.  I ended up doing the whole workout but with insane breaks and not well and just couldn’t get myself into it.  I still love it, and I still look forward to it but I just had a crappy workout.  The next day, almost with fear, I started the STS: Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps.  That workout was a home run!!  Wow, just so much fun.  In fact, I have to re-evaluate the weights I used since they all felt a bit on the light side and that’s saying something given how week my shoulders usually are.  I felt much better about working out that point.  I finished out the week with MMA: Fusion, which is still very difficult for me despite not having a high cardio factor.  I’ve found the better form I have with that workout, the more fun the combos are.  The first combo drags for a while and then everything else picks up a ton of speed.

My mom is visiting me this week so I’m not sure how much exercise I’ll get in.  I hope more than less!

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