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Youngblood: beginning novice…

You know when you go to a hairstylist and they make your hair look gorgeous, you have a feeling of dread as well?  It’s because you know that you’ll never be able to replicate what they did in your own bathroom.  Same thing with makeup.  It takes a couple tries when you’re trying a new product, and my attempts with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are no different.

As I first brought up in a previous post, I found a perfect match with the Dark Mineral Rice Setting Powder and the Coffee Loose Foundation.  When I was sitting in the stylist’s chair, I was surprised that she said Coffee and not Toffee.  Coffee seemed too dark for my skin but hey, the proof was right there in the mirror.  So, I did as she said: I dusted the Rice Setting Powder and then applied the Coffee foundation.

First impressions. No wonder they say the Coffee foundation is a great bronzer.  It really makes your skin “glow!”  But I clearly used wayyyy too much of it.  Not like Snooki too much, but too much.  My face looked flawless, but the rest of my body was a different shade.  It probably matched my arms beautifully, though.  Ok, that was the first try.  I went to my husband and asked, “Did that make up artist make it look like a perfect match?”  He confirmed that yes, she did, and so I became more determined to get it right.

A second attempt. Next try, I mixed the Rice Setting Powder WITH the Coffee Foundation, and I used a lot less of the latter. Swirl, tap, apply… this was definitely a step in the right direction!  I also started to play with their Mineral Primer (yes, I broke down and got it), and whoops, same mistake, pumped out too much!  Seriously, a little goes a long way in this company.  I now calculated that I need one tiny pump to cover my whole face.  The primer allows the mineral makeup to cover more flawlessly, and you need less of it.  I’m not sure if I’ll put it on every day, but on days when I want to keep my makeup looking fantastic for longer or just even a longer work day, I’ll probably dab it on my face.  It seems, at least at first application, worth the investment.

Try, try, try again. To cut down on my morning prep time, I decided to try and mix the powders ahead of time and see what could come of it.  I was not surprised, but disappointed that my kitchen scale does not maintain the same precision as the analytical balances of my lab, so I had to do this mostly by eye.  Because I don’t like items I paid for going to waste, I also pulled out an item I bought from Yves Rocher: their Velvety Loose powder.  The company is terrible about making its complete ingredient list available, but they claim it’s mostly bamboo silica, which is great for an “air brushing” effect on the face.  I believe them when they say it has bamboo silica, but by the feel of the powder, I’m thinking there’s some kind of silicone crosslinked polymer in it as well; if I had to guess, I’d say it’s dimethicone.  But it doesn’t irritate my face at all, so I don’t mind using it. I mixed the Coffee foundation with the Rice Powder with the Velvety Loose powder in a 1:1:0.8 ratio.  After putting it in a little container, I swirled it around, so that it mixed but wasn’t going to be lost coating the sides of the Tupperware.  What I got was a mixing of color that was pretty darn close to the my shade of my skin.  I put it up for my husband to compare, and he was impressed with the mixing.

The real test.  Whenever I ask my hubbie (yes, he’s my discerning expert) how I look, he’s pretty observant.  He’ll say things like, it’s nice, but it looks oily, or the shade is off, or a host of different comments.  But I always ask him, does it look like I have makeup on? and he always says a resounding, “yes.”  Gah!  And then it hit me, he was looking at my whole face — so its pretty obvious when I’m wearing lipstick or have eye makeup on and he’s probably just looking at that.  Then I decided to put on just the foundation, nothing else, and wait a while and ask him what he thought.  Well, it worked.  When I asked him how my skin looked, he complimented me on how smooth and flawless it seemed, even so much to say that the skin care line I use was doing better than it usually does.  Then, I asked him if my shading was right, his response was, “yeah… are you wearing makeup?”  SUCCESS!!

Still a work in progress.  It’s definitely very different to work with these loose minerals than it is from pressed minerals like I did with Jane Iredale.  I don’t think it’s an issue between brands as it as an issue of “medium” if you will.     Even though its been a bit frustrating at times, I think I’m glad I’m making the switch.  I’m clearly going to use less makeup for a better finish.  Who can complain about that?  I’m just so impressed with how pigmented these colors are…I’ve been trying to use the Cabernet blush and I barely need to shake out a flake or two to get some crazy, gorgeous color.  I don’t know who would want more color than what a a tap or two would take out of those blushes.  I haven’t tried out the eye shadows yet but I’m very eager to so soon.  I haven’t traveled with any of the loose minerals yet so I’m not sure how well they’ll do there.  Pressed minerals have always been convenient for that reason, but I imagine that travelling with the loose minerals may not be the nightmare I fear. (I’ll be testing this out in a couple weeks on a tip to San Francisco, and I’ll update it then.)  But all in all, pretty happy with my switch!

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