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STS: Week 14 and 15 complete!

I am late to the updating party.  I had to almost combine both the last week of STS with my recovery week. Cardio came before my trip to San Francisco.  I ended up only doing MMA: Fusion and Cardio Core Circuit before we left town.  Both workouts are hard, though, so I’m not feeling too bad about not getting a third cardio in.  MMA: Fusion is still not a heart rate raiser for me… but I think that mostly has to do with the fact I can’t do a lot of the moves well.  You’re not jumping around like crazy in that workout; Cathe wants you to focus on form, and the burn comes from that.  Yes, my core is stronger than it used to be 3.5 months ago, but is it strong enough to do MMA: Fusion well?  Not exactly.  Cardio Core Circuit, on the other hand, still shoots my heart rate up.  The first three circuits are my favorite, and I still dread the fourth and fifth.  I’ve resigned myself to doing modifications for those, but as long as I get stronger and I continue to burn calories, I don’t care.

I had to skip the strength workouts while I went to San Francisco.  My “recovery” week was walking around the city (barefoot at times) and its very hilly landscape.  That city seriously needs to consider their parking and public transportation issues!  I realize I have a habit of comparing all cities to NYC, but when I think LA is easier to get around than another city, there’s a problem!

After I came back, I finished my last week of STS Strength workouts.  My upper body was stronger than ever, just with small problems in my shoulders for Disc 36: Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps; as usual, though, I absolutely love working these body parts with the way Cathe organizes the workout.  All of her workouts for the past month have been near-perfect.  On the other hand, Disc 35: Plyo Legs wasn’t as great.  I just went through the motions, and I was extremely tired and fatigued.  It wasn’t a great way to end the program, but finishing it all was its own reward.

Honestly, I am almost pissed about the way it ended.  The first two mesocycles were SO awesome, but then August was plagued with injury, illness, TOM, work, and travel; I didn’t get my groove on at all that whole month.  But I will be returning to STS in a couple months or maybe even sooner.  This next month (if not longer), I will focus more on cardio, as I just started Turbofire with Chalene Johnson from Beachbody.  (I normally don’t care for Beachbody products, but after all the rave reviews, I bit the bullet, and I’ve been pretty pleased so far.)  Don’t expect the exercise rotations to go away now that STS is complete!  After all, I’m on a NEVER ENDING QUEST TO BE FIT AND HOT!  🙂

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