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Wireless jumping (aka: changing service providers)

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment

It seems that I’m literally trying out every wireless provider that I can.  I’m lucky enough to live in a metro area so I actually have more at my disposal than most.  I’ve done T-mobile, Verizon, and Sprint (just can’t get myself to lock onto AT&T).  Now, for the first time ever, I’m entering a no-contract plan with MetroPCS.  I’m learning the caveats to the plan — specifically, the ill-fated charge of “Roaming” can apply again if I leave the MetroPCS area (already checked any area I would be visiting and it seems unlikely to be a problem) and that they have a crappy return policy as well as a lame way to charge you when you want to end your month-to-month contract (as in, once I pay for a month, I never get it back — is that even legal to do in CA?).  But so far its ok — I got a budget level Android Smartphone (Huaweii Ascend) — it’s no Galaxy S phone but a definite upgrade from my Instinct.  I still have no reception in my house but hope to finally get this Sipdroid/Google Voice thing to work so I can more easily make phonecalls in the house.  So far, its ok — I am roughly saving $25/mo from my Sprint Plan so that will hopefully pay off for the phones sooner than later.  I wish I could have gotten a Droid phone form Motorola or a Galaxy phone from Samsung or even a Blackberry, but despite my lab calling my phone lame, its seems to be fine.  To anyone reading this, any advice on with apps to get, how to get this Wifi calling working, and anything else I should know about Android or MetroPCS is much appreciated.  I thank you in advance and assure you my complaints will be cataloged on this blog.  🙂

UPDATE: Well, we can to an unfortunate realization.  We were willing to exchange our phones for the more expensive Optimus M from LG but with the way MetroPCS handles it customers, I would lose my phone number that I’ve had for longer than half a decade (basically, I can’t do an exchange — only a return and reinitiate a new service).  That’s annoying but not the end of the world.  I would like to upgrade to take advantage of its 4G network at one point but keeping Android is more important to me than it’s speed.


Deal Alert: STS Super Sale!

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

If any of you are really serious about changing your workout routine this year, look no further that STS.  I have many blog posts for my 15 week rotation of STS + Shock Cardio last summer for those that are curious. I don’t care about you P90xers — start lifting like a girl!  (Though if you ever met Cathe face to face, you’ll understand that she’s probably from another more evolved fitter version of Homo sapiens than the majority of us.)

Ok, so why am I talking about this?  Well, it’s on sale until Sunday!  Using code FP-30, you can get the entire STS set for 30% off on top of the original $50 discount!  That’s way cheaper than what I paid and almost as good as the pre-sale price and completely worth EVERY freaking penny.  Take my word for it — at $140 pre-tax, you want this set so go buy it now! (Sale Ends Sunday, January 16, 2011.)

ETA:  SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!!  So get it now, if you haven’t already!  Last day: Sunday, January 23, 2011

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2011 Resolutions!

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

First resolution — blog more!  In my defense, it’s been crazy.  We got a puppy, our other dog started to not feel well, my husband is as infuriating as ever, helping students has been tiresome (th0ugh rewarding), there was a car accident, and don’t forget science!  There have been good reasons, but blogging is therapeutic and it’s helpful for my small but loyal audience as well.  (And I have even have a new category: Stories of Poo!  Yes, my friends.  I have two dogs now, so I deal with a lot of poo, and I will be using the Internets to record the more fragrant moments.)

On to the resolutions!

  1. Blog more (duh, I just talked about that) and read more.  Actually, I read a massive amount compared to most people when it comes to newspapers or daily news.  On the other hand, I stopped reading fiction almost as far back as high school and that’s not good either.  I got a nook now, so I would like to read some of these more popular fiction books.  Am I going to read Dan Brown…::shudder::….maybe or maybe the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” that everyone is talking about?  I hope to fill this hole sooner than later.
  2. Succeed at science and don’t give up on the project I’ve worked on for five years!  (Trust me, I’ve given up on this whole Ph.D. thing around 10x/day at one point.  I need to spell it out at this point).
  3. Clean and DECLUTTER more!  My absolute favorite gift this year for my birthday was getting an awesome cleaning lady.  Seriously, this women is Mr. Clean reincarnated (but clearly with deceptively strong arms).  We’re debating about having her come once or twice a month, but with her picking up the slack for me (well, it’s not like I’m futzing around — I just don’t have the time I used to for cleaning  because most of my time is spent doing science, exercising, or teaching now).  I’m not an inherently messy person in that I will put something back where it’s supposed to go, but when I don’t have a place for something, I run into some problems.  So, I’m going to plan and dump the money necessary to organize my home and life.
  4. Keep On Exercising!  Well, a couple specific resolutions…
    1. Find your inner runner and run  5K this year.  I wish I could run, but my body does not care for it.  I really changed up my workouts last year and made a real push towards sculpting workouts like the Bar Method.  I also really embraced Plyo and found a renewed love for kickboxing after Turbofire.  So, running is my goal this year.
    2. Do another round of STS.  Shouldn’t be hard to follow, but it definitely keeps me honest.
    3. Lose 20lbs.  I know, it’s huge, right?  But take this into account: I gained 15lbs this past year.  Seriously, I was about 5lbs away from my average high school weight and then what did I do?  I gained 15lbs!  Ideally, I would love to lose 25lbs, but I’ll totally settle for the 20lbs.
    4. Complete another month of The Bar Method.  This goal has more to do with scheduling, as I’ve already prepaid for the month.  Frankly, I would rather have gotten 50 classes for cheap so I could go to it once a week instead of 3-4x/ week, because I get a little bored/burned out after a point.  However, I suppose they are not marketing for cheap people like me.
    5. Get on the bike!  I have a cool bike!  I want to use it.  So there!
    6. Learn how to rollerblade.  I’ve put this particular goal a bunch of times on my list, and I always fail to do it.  Maybe this year will be different.
    7. Kinect!! I got a Kinect this year and it’s pretty cool.  I like the Your Shape Evolved game (with the exception of the multitude of lunges my Nivea program makes me do) a lot and it might be a better way to use my Xbox 360 time instead of playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (which is still awesome).
    8. Tackle my hardest DVDs: Mostly Intensity, Imax3, Hardcore Extreme, Terminator, and other workouts like that.  I don’t like them just sitting on the shelf.
    9. Rotate and adjust  my workout goals.  I want to keep on shocking the body…circuits, STS, barre, you name it!  And I get bored easily, so it’s good to keep me challenged.
  5. Get Healthier!
    1. Get enough sleep!! In an ideal world, I would be done with my workout and made up for work before 7 or 8a.  The only way that’s going to happen is if I manage to sleep more hours and more consistently.
    2. Count calories. I use (now bought out by Livestrong) and it had kept me accountable before.  I’ve been trying with the New Year “reset” — we’ll see how consistent I am.
    3. Stretch and yoga.  I’m so inflexible it’s not even funny.  Flexibility is just as important as cardio and resistance training, and just because I don’t like it as much as the others doesn’t mean I should avoid it — in fact, I should use it to motivate me!  I often use challenges that seem hard to make me work at it every day.
    4. When I fall off, get right back on the horse.  One bad day doesn’t need to mean two or three or a week.  Take it one day at a time.
    5. Feel like hot shit, not shit. Mostly this is a note to take care of my skin, hair, and teeth.  I have found great products for my skin, but I’m still looking for the ideal product for my hair (though I am concerned I may need the hair transplant surgery after all).  This year is going to be racked up with painful dental bills for sure, but I don’t think I can put off this crown any longer.  And of course, I need to stop dressing like a bum.  I look nice maybe 2-3x/week at work, and I need to up that number.
    6. Stress less. Yeah, we’ll see how well that one works.
    7. Make healthier dishes. I like to cook, this is more about finding recipes I want to try and making time for it.  I get spoiled with my quick and yummy dishes (which are healthy, too) that only require my wok or pressure cooker.  When you can make a meal in less than 10-15 mins when you get home, why try a new recipe that may take an hour (especially when you’re famished)?
    8. Eat less processed foods.  I don’t think I can fully afford to go completely organic, but I can try to cut down on the processed stuff.
  6. Read more and specifically fiction. I realized very recently that I have not read a fiction for my own pleasure since high school with the exception of one book (The Art of Racing in the Rain).  In fact, when I did get to read for pleasure after high school, I had a strong desire to read mostly nonfiction…but even my nonfiction has gone off the map.  Mind you, I still read newspapers voraciously, but not so much on the novels or magazines.  For my birthday this year, I got a Nook, so I wish to fully capitalize on it.
  7. See more friends. I have some really interesting and nice people in my life, and a lot more people should be in it as well.  My life has been pretty much lab and students with little else.  Now, exercise still comes first, and I’m aware of the big chunk that may take out of the “free time” in the day, but there have to be ways to get some stuff done in my free time with friends, like trying new recipes with them.
  8. Work on my home. This project took a backseat in 2010.  Ideally, 2011 is the year I really get my garden going, and my home filled.  We did make some strides, including painting our bathroom and our third bedroom (which we will have to paint again) and get new carpet put into the third bedroom (which is why we need to paint that room again) and getting furniture for our dining room.  My biggest victory was restoring the drawers in our hallway completely, but it’s overshadowed by the fact that the cabinet doors are still sitting in the garage.  It’s true that my biggest stymie in all these projects is my husband, who is lazy and does not have a sense of pride when it comes to his home, but I’d like to think he’ll start taking initiative just because it’s important to me (and if he doesn’t actually help me this year, I’m just going to pay other people to do it for me).
  9. Help my dogs out.  Both my Evee and my Hanu need me, but in different ways.  I’m not sure how I’ll be able to help them out with my time restraints, but it does need to be a higher priority.
  10. Be more resilient.  I used to never let stuff get me down.  It’s been a hard run this last couple years, but if I want out, I need to propel my fat ass forward.  In science, in life, and in my heart.  Make 2011 count.

Ok, what are your resolutions for the year?