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Wireless jumping (aka: changing service providers)

It seems that I’m literally trying out every wireless provider that I can.  I’m lucky enough to live in a metro area so I actually have more at my disposal than most.  I’ve done T-mobile, Verizon, and Sprint (just can’t get myself to lock onto AT&T).  Now, for the first time ever, I’m entering a no-contract plan with MetroPCS.  I’m learning the caveats to the plan — specifically, the ill-fated charge of “Roaming” can apply again if I leave the MetroPCS area (already checked any area I would be visiting and it seems unlikely to be a problem) and that they have a crappy return policy as well as a lame way to charge you when you want to end your month-to-month contract (as in, once I pay for a month, I never get it back — is that even legal to do in CA?).  But so far its ok — I got a budget level Android Smartphone (Huaweii Ascend) — it’s no Galaxy S phone but a definite upgrade from my Instinct.  I still have no reception in my house but hope to finally get this Sipdroid/Google Voice thing to work so I can more easily make phonecalls in the house.  So far, its ok — I am roughly saving $25/mo from my Sprint Plan so that will hopefully pay off for the phones sooner than later.  I wish I could have gotten a Droid phone form Motorola or a Galaxy phone from Samsung or even a Blackberry, but despite my lab calling my phone lame, its seems to be fine.  To anyone reading this, any advice on with apps to get, how to get this Wifi calling working, and anything else I should know about Android or MetroPCS is much appreciated.  I thank you in advance and assure you my complaints will be cataloged on this blog.  🙂

UPDATE: Well, we can to an unfortunate realization.  We were willing to exchange our phones for the more expensive Optimus M from LG but with the way MetroPCS handles it customers, I would lose my phone number that I’ve had for longer than half a decade (basically, I can’t do an exchange — only a return and reinitiate a new service).  That’s annoying but not the end of the world.  I would like to upgrade to take advantage of its 4G network at one point but keeping Android is more important to me than it’s speed.

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