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Out with the old, in with the new: my notebook had a heart attack

I knew something was up last week.  My wonderful convertible tablet was acting weird, and I was afraid it was going to burn out chipset soon until I figured out the problem.  Because of my concerns, I asked my DH to find my flash drive so I could back up my data just as a precaution.  My notebook was pretty fast and had always done its job well with the exception of three incidents (where one was truly my dog’s fault for slobbering over my keyboard and shorting it).  Anyway, my DH found the flash drive quickly and I took my sweet time to back up my data for my dissertation.  I wasn’t too worried because I figured I’d fix the problem eventually.

Well, I didn’t.  In a second, the computer was dead not to be revived at all.

I actually was stunned for about 20 minutes.  I tried all the usual suspects to figure out what the problems were but there was nothing to be had.  All I could say was thank god that I actually did back up my data the night before after procrastinating on it so long.

Upset that I missed the Microsoft Store sale earlier that morning (because my notebook didn’t have the common sense to die on me before big sale items went OOS), I waited for the weekend to see what sales may pop out.  I was decided online between a highly rated Samsung (that seemed almost too much for me and I would have to wait until Tuesday), Lenovo Ideapad (without an optical drive and would have to wait a couple days), or something I could pick up at a B&M.  I ended up picking up a ThinkPad at a pretty cheap price (right around $650 after taxes) and have been setting it up throughout the day.  I have managed to get most of my applications on the machine as well as all my data.  I realized in the midst of it all…I’m incredibly boring.  I have no games or frills.  Just work.  Despite realizing this fact, I am utterly depressed with how unstylish (and thick!) my notebook is.  I’m glad to be gone with unnecessary buttons, but I do like shiny things.  And I’m still balking at the thickness.   Of the choices I saw, I was leaning towards the Ideapad (it was the lack of the optical drive and its delayed arrival was what stopped me) and now I find myself wanting it more because its so damned thin.  Oh well.  Such is life.  When you need something and are not willing to spend a crapton of money on it, you just have to compromise.

On the positive note, the computer is quite fast (i5 processor, not i7, but I doubt I need i7), barely heats up, and is incredibly quiet.  I counted three seconds from when I pop the lid from when the machine “wakes up.”  Absolutely can’t complain with that.  But I have to say, I hate the red trackball.  I hated it in 90s, and I still hate it.  My sister bemoans Thinkpads…but I think they’re still considered some of the best business laptops and I think I understand why: its really good at doing its tasks and its so boring that you don’t want to flick and take time away from your business!  Despite its thickness, its pretty light.  So, there are definitely good things about the computer and I’ll take that to heart.    But most importantly, I’m thankful I was able to afford a fast notebook at such a critical point in my degree!

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