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Initial Impressions: Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior

Yes, its the last DVD review of the First Inside Out series — I say first because since staring this journey with Bob, he’s released Kettlebell workouts as well which I have tried and loved.  And of course, I’ll have a review of the whole series in another post, but this is the last individual DVD review.  Is there are a surprise I saved Yoga for last?  I know I need to work on my flexibility, but I am probably the most lazy when it comes to working on this aspect in my health than any other (next to sleeping more).   I am a picky yoga vidiot — despite being of Indian origin, my clearly-wound-up-too-tight personality has gotten in the way of be ever fully immersing myself into the yoga culture and thought.  Just too stressed, too type A, I suppose.  So finding an instructor that doesn’t bore me to death or push too many moves that are meant, I dunno, for a performance artist at Cirque Du Soleil, can be a bit of a challenge.  I’m happy to say that Bob really did impress me with his mix of instruction, modifications, and vinyasas.  I doubt this DVD will ever be out of of my collection.

What’s the format of this workout? First thing first — like Body Rev Cardio Conditioning and Pure Burn Super Strength, there are two workouts on the DVD.  What makes this DVD crazier is that the shorter workout is much, much harder IMHO than the hour long workout.  If you notice, Bob doesn’t bill the 20 minute workout as a beginner workout, just “Yoga Abs.”  It is an absolutely killer ab workout.  I know there are a lot of people who criticize for the lack of yoga-edness, but to those of you who can do it easily (particularly after another workout), you have amazing cores and I would happily invite you to my home to train me personally.  Yoga Abs is a great ab workout which takes you through a series of plank and crunch work that will fry your core without all those funny sanskrit names that turn off other people.

The longer workout is a more vinyasa (flow) yoga class.  Despite him saying it’s going to be sooo different from other workout DVDs, it actually wasn’t different from other classes I’ve taken.  So, I’ll give you that Bob: I don’t have a DVD like this anywhere in my collection, but I have taken classes like this before.  I would probably break them up into small series, where one is focused in the mountain pose, another in the warrior, and so on.  The workout goes very, very quickly and the two girls who are doing the non-modified versions are particularly bad ass.  The longer workout is just about an hour and a good thing to infuse into your weekly exercise regimen.

What did you like about the workout? I definitely liked how it was still in the original Inside Out set.  I hate those yoga DVDs that have all the candles or are outside in a place that I could never afford to get in.  Some people get a kick with how gorgeous the scenery is — and I can too – but when I’m in my own little room watching on my own little TV, the appeal just isn’t there.  Bob isn’t trying to get you into a calm mode…in fact he’s still very dedicated to making sure you do everything correctly.  I hate how even my favorite high energy instructors have their “sweet inside yoga” voice — that’s now how you talk!  You sound weird to me when you speak that way!  Another aspect of the workout I liked are not only the modifications, but the fact that the more difficult moves are progressed from earlier moves.  If you can’t grab your big toe with your thumb and index finger and pull your leg out to the side, its ok, try to stay balanced in the position you were doing before that.  I looked it up, and indeed, Bob is actually a yoga instructor which makes sense.  This workout is truly the product of a professional’s work — not some celebrity who got a professional “consultant” to tell them how to do everything.

What didn’t you like about the workout? I hate to say it, but Bob’s cueing could be a little better in this one.  Since your head is down for a good chunk of the moves, he really needs to be a little better about telling you how to do the move.  However, it is very possible that once you get used to “Bob Yoga Speak” that everything seems to be crystal clear.  The dude in the workout who is showcasing some of the modification has a habit of hunching his shoulders up, but the other two women are just so amazing that you’re probably not paying attention to the dude.

Would you recommend buying the DVD? Hell yeah.  For the price, getting the hour long workout plus the killer yoga abs workout is wicked.  But don’t buy it for $14.99 — you can easily get the DVD for under $10 at this point.  You can get this workout from Collage Video, Amazon, MyTrainerBob, Target, TotalFitnessDVDs, and many other vendors.

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