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I can see clearly now! (My experience getting LASIK Eye Surgery)

When I was in the fourth grade, my father took a day off of work and took the whole family to NYC where he liked to get his eyes checked (it took him years to stop this tradition as it was a pain).  What made that trip different from all the other times we had to go up there before was that it was the first time I needed glasses.  Figures, right?  The nerdy little girl needed glasses, probably from reading books all day.  Because I was the little nerd child that stereotypes told me to be, I was slightly excited.  I thought I was being inducted into some group of smart people as every member in my family had glasses so therefore, I would be smart like them.  Except, then the unthinkable happened…

That (a**hole) optometrist had the bright idea of recommending BIFOCALS.  To an EIGHT YEAR OLD.

Are you freaking kidding me?

I was not lucky enough to get progressives, so instead of being called four eyes, I was called six eyes mercilessly for years.  Eventually my parents settled with an optometrist closer to home who quickly called that previous eye doctor an idiot and I got normal glasses from that point.  Eventually, I moved to contact lenses (in fact, I had to if I wanted to carry out any experiment that required a microscope for longer than five minutes), and just dealt with being someone who needed some type of corrected vision.  I remember reading in my six eyed years about a new procedure called LASIK and told myself: “when I grow up, I’m going to get LASIK.”  Even as a child, I knew I wanted to wait until the technology had to be truly tested (this was the early 90s after all), and I waited patiently.  For almost the past five years, my optometrists told me that I was a perfect candidate for LASIK and when I could afford it, I should go for the plunge.

Plunge, I have.

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Final Review: Inside Out Series by Bob Harper

So far, I have written individual reviews for the four first workouts of the Inside Out Series: Body Rev Cardio Conditioning, Pure Burn Super Strength, Yoga for the Warrior, and Bob’s Workout.  The first three workout DVDs can be found at Target,,, and a variety of other retailers.  The last workout of the series, Bob’s Workout, can only be purchased directly at  After completing all the workouts, I have to say that I’ve been utterly pleased with my purchase.  Bob’s teaching style gave a fresh breath of air into my workout routine, and I have been thoroughly addicted sense.  You can look at the individual reviews for each specific workout, but I wanted to outline some comments for the series as a whole below: Read more…