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PeakFit: First Fit Test!

Yowza!  I just did my PeakFit Fit Test before I start my 8 week rotation on the program.  This test is supposed to help you feel good to show that your accomplishments can be measured in something other than inches or pounds.  The test consists of ten cardio drills — one minute on, and one minute off — where you log in your starting number and then you compare that base number to how many reps you can do 8 weeks from now.  Honestly, it’s a bit of a misleading test because if you preview all the workouts in the program, you do all of the moves in your Fit Test during your Peaks.  Of course, if there is a move that I’ve practiced before I can do more of them.  If there is a move I’ve never done before on the PeakFit Fit Test, I’ll probably be able to do more after 8 weeks of practice.  But it’s still a nice basis to see your cardio or core capacity’s improvement.  In the test, I had done several moves before in my workout routines which I was able to push more out; the ones I did for the first time today did not have as many reps since I did spend some time going, “Um, do I put my leg here?  Am I doing this right?”  But here are the general results:

Test Name

Pre-Challenge Reps


Prisoner Squats


Steady clip.
Alternating Front Lunges


Steady clip.


Losing steam.
Tuck Jumps


Went crazy and took two small breathing breaks.


On my knees; recently learned I’ve been doing pushups wrong all my life so spent a lot of time trying to have perfect form.
Ankle Grabbers*


My core sucks.  Nuff said.


Core still sucks and was screwing up the foot placement; figured it out near the end.
Plank to Frog*


Finally got the hang of it near the end; imagine the number will shoot up by the end of 8 weeks.
Fence Hoppers


Steady clip with one small break.
Side Lunge to Jump Shot


Definitely tired by this point.
*never did these moves before so those numbers are most likely deflated as I spent some time trying to figure out correct form and execution

Not great, but not bad either!  As I said earlier, its just another tool to make you feel better by the end of the 8 week rotation, but I will take ANYTHING to boost up my self-esteem at this point.  I’m curious to see how other people have fared in their initial Fit Test as well if anyone is willing to share.

See you in 8 weeks!

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