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Initial Impressions: PeakFit’s Pure Cardio Review

The first real workout in the PeakFit 8 week rotation after the Fit Test is Pure Cardio.  Despite it being the first workout in the rotation, it’s actually the “second” disc in the series of the packaging (a minor complaint…not sure if it’s a function of them making up the rotation after production or just dumb mis-communication).  I had an issue when first working out to this DVD: since I was using my (LEGAL) digital copy to stream to my HDTV, there was some issue between timing of the audio and video stream. I’ve managed to fix the issue since, buy it really bugged the hell out of me during the workout.  However, I am happy to report that it was a sweaty, fun mess and a GREAT introduction to the PeakFit Challenge.

The Breakdown.  The workout consists of the following sections: warmup, four combos done twice back to back, followed by a cool down and stretch.  The workout is mostly cardio kickboxing based with a couple dance moves sprinkled in here or there.  For those of you first being introduced to the PeakFit program, there are four levels on intensity in increasing order: basecamp, ascent, climb, and peak.  Basecamps are mostly warmups or rest periods where as ascents or climbs  Pure cardio is an interval workout between the ascent and climb modes — there are no peaks in this particular workout (doesn’t mean you don’t sweat!).  For those of you familiar with TurboFire, Pure Cardio is most reminiscent Fire 45EZ.  In fact, the music is licensed by the same company that Turbofire uses so you’ll hear some familiar tunes like “Who’s House” in Pure Cardio (but I like the version in Turbofire more).  No weights, no mat work, just all straight up Pure Cardio.

The Good.  You really do sweat quite a bit.  Now, the first time you do a workout, you tend to burn more calories than usual, but this DVD presents a solid, well organized cardio kickboxing class.  The choreography is generally very simple; the most advanced move, I believe, was a mambo move where you move you arms at the same time.  The music was fun and did not drown out Michelle’s voice.  I love how absolutely progressive the workout is structured.  There were multiple camera angles, and the production quality is pretty high.  You never stop moving and that’s something this hottiescientist loves.

The not as Good.  Michelle’s cueing isn’t nearly as perfect as it could be, but she is pretty clear — it’s obvious she’s been doing exercise DVDs for a while.  I did have some “rhythm” issues, but I imagine that will improve as I get more familiar Michelle’s style.  Honestly, I think all her classes have too many people in the background and you’re not going to find that near robotic perfect form you find in Cathe Friedrich’s workouts and you’re just not developing that near “in the class” feeling from Turbofire but that’s IMO.  Warmup and cooldown was pretty quick…I think I would have appreciated something longer.

Final Verdict.  It’s really a good non-peak interval cardio workout.  Michelle’s energy is really motivating, the music pumps you through, and it’s simplicity makes the sweat.  I haven’t done any of the really famous, “signature” PeakFit workouts, but I am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of the rotation from this more than fantastic introduction.

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