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Initial Impressions: Peakfit’s Core Dynamics Review

No workout system is complete without a core routine.  The problem is that most core routines suck in these systems.  They never seem to hit the right balance for me — either way too easy (usually standing work) or dramatically more difficult (mat work).  PeakFit’s Core Dynamics is definitely a challenge for me, and I absolutely cannot do everything, but it’s the closest thing right now to both be in the higher range of my comfort zone and still challenge me.  

The Breakdown.  This under 25 minute workout is broken into four sections.  You can use each section as an add-on to another workout or put all of them together for a core focused routine.  Equipment used here would be your own body weight, a man, a light dumbbell, and the Exerspy (or resistance) band.  The first section utilizes the dumbbell, the second section uses your body weight and focuses on a lot of plank and curl moves, the third section uses the Exerspy band and is more glute focused, and the fourth and final section ends with some more plank and core work with more superman poses.

The Good.  This reason may be more personal that for the general Internets, but I can actually do the good majority of this workout and what I can’t do does not seem so intimidating that I can’t work towards it over the next (now) seven weeks.  I like the length of the workout, as the individual segments or as a combined overall core routine.  I appreciate the use of equipment or lack of equipment and see how each segment can be used as a good add-on to another workout.  I definitely liked Core Dynamics more that Core 20 from Turbofire, and I felt that instruction was spot on.  Throughout the workout, Michelle presented many compound movements as is the theme of the whole Peakfit system.

The Not So Good.  Planks!  Planks!  Ok, that’s not really a bad thing, but still super hard for me.  I don’t absolutely love the few modifications presented to me, but I did take a couple of them.  Your heart rate doesn’t get up on its on so if you’re looking to have something to truly make you sweat, add on something else.  (If you’re looking for a cardio core workout, check out Cathe’s Cardio Core Circuit — my favorite core workout ever.)

Final Verdict.  I liked this core set up.  It’s not my favorite so far in the PeakFit Challenge, but I am definitely glad its part of the set. I’m looking forward to getting better at the routing.

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