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Initial Impressions: Peakfit’s Cardio Strength 1 Review

You know when you buy an album — erm, what am I talking about?  I’m showing how old I am.  I mean, you know when you buy download a bunch of mp3s from the same artist there’s always that one song that made you LOVE that artist?  The workout that has brought nothing but adoration for Michelle Dozois from me would be Cardio Strength 1 (or originally packaged as Peak 10 Cardio Strength).  Michelle refers to this workout as the “original” Peak 10 workout…and I don’t know if anything ever really beats the original.

The Breakdown: Five segments, done back to back, culminate together for a 10 metabolic circuits.  This signature PeakFit workout organizes the workout as follows: each of the segments include a compound weight ascent (level 2 intensity), followed by a cardio climb (level 3 intensity), and finished up by an all out cardio peak (level 4 intensity).  Peaks are followed by very short basecamps (or level 1 intensity) periods which quickly flows into the ascent.  The compound movement keep the cardio going intermixed with plyo movement as well as some kettlebell inspired moves (which appears to be the chic thing in exercise dvds lately — but not complaining!  In fact, thoroughly enjoying!).  The cardio segments are all floor based with no equipment necessary.  Peaks are plyometric movements and there are some peaks from the Fit Test so you get to practice those moves even more.   Coming in around sixty minutes, I dare you not to be a sweaty mess after this incredibly, awesome workout.

The Good.  ZOMG, I loved this workout.  I mean, I loved almost everything about it.  Your body heats up so quickly and the progressive nature of the workout gets me ready for the shoot of endorphins ready to flood my system during the peaks.  You’re absolutely soaked — I mean, SOAKED –and your muscles have really worked it (oh the shoulders, they burn, they burn!  and if they don’t, GET A HEAVIER WEIGHT!).  I’m absolutely floored by the people who call this “down a notch” workout.  You’re doing it wrong — its intense and addictive and is seriously making me think of saving up money to afford a Breakthru Fitness gym membership.

The Not As Good.  The workout has no real warmup; actually, first segment is part of warmup.  I know some people who do their workouts at 530a so you may find it slightly hard to have your body completely warm.  Because Michelle sets up the routine this way, I really appreciate it that the first two segments don’t have a peak.  Segment #4 (so circuit #4 and #3) was too core focused without enough modification for me: 1) I’m spent and 2) I have a weak core.  Anything with mountain climbers or cardio based plank moves for longer than a count of 8 get to me. I had rhythm issues again with the workout, but I hope to overcome that issue within the next week.

Final Verdict.  I love this workout so much that I can barely stand waiting to try it again.  I feel lucky that I have it on the rotation TWICE this week and I’m very eager to previewing Cardio Strength 2.  I completely understand why the workout was so popular before the entire PeakFit Challenge was put on DVD and why people would shell out $20 for the single DVD.  I’m glad I didn’t the first time around, but I love the workout so much that I wouldn’t have minded it!

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