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PeakFit Challenge: Week 2 completed!

I don’t have as exciting news like last week (a weight loss number).  I have a flat number — so I maintained.  Should I be happy?  Hell yes because my eating has been out of control.  I’ve been eating over 2000+ calories for a couple days in a row now…the long weekend which was extended longer at home for work on my thesis (so, it was really a weekend but one where I transferred my work from lab to home).  It’s a bit exciting to be eating so much more and not be gaining any weight though I will admit, I am completely feeling the chunk now in my third week.  Hopefully it will motivate me to have better control in the coming week.  Feeling chunky is a horrible feeling, but I’ll tell ya: completing the second week of PeakFit was challenging and brutal.

The whole week started off painful because it was ASS HOT in Los Angeles, CA.  It started off innocently enough when I completed Pure Strength 1 for the second time.  I’m happy to report that the band breaks in even more the more I use it.  Sunday morning, I woke up extra early to try and do Pure Cardio before it got too warm but it seems that I was too late.  I had to put on the A/C but by the last hammer combo, I was dying.  I was amazed I managed to give my dogs the walk they truly deserve in the scorching heat afterwards.  The next day was followed by Cardio Strength 1…MOMMY!!!  Cardio Strength 1 when its hot is even harder!!  I know it’s the workout that made me fall in love with the program, but…MOMMY!!  I got a small break with Core Dynamics and Dynamic Flexibility but then I had to go back to Cardio Strength 1 the day after!  Even thinking about doing that workout twice this past week, my holding steady weight gain makes a ton of sense.  When Thursday came around, I was thanking my lucky stars for the day off.  I was happy for Friday and had to get Cardio Interval Burn before the morning rush hour.  I didn’t do as great with the early morning workouts as much this week, and that is something I wish to correct in Week 3.

It’s a shorter recap than last week I realize, but I am swamped.  I’ll try to be chattier at the end of this week.  But a couple highlights to note from this week:

  • Working out in the heat makes everything harder.
  • When Michelle says bicep curl, she really means hammer curl.
  • Mountain climbers followed by ski hops are EVIL.  Seriously, Michelle — PICK ONE.  You can’t have both and not have me gasping for air on the floor.
  • I’m seriously thinking about getting weighted cardio gloves — something to help the movements in the circuits where I want to put on weight from 12lbs but not quite ready for 15lbs.
  • Speaking of which, I’m thinking about moving up to 15lbs on some moves!
  • Not having any weight loss sucks, but gaining weight sucks even more.  I’ll take the win given the extra calories this week.
See you at the end of Week 3!
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