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PeakFit Challenge: Week 3 Completed!

I lost another pound this week….so that makes 2 in the three weeks.  Not super impressive, but I’ll take it given my crappy eating.  It’s been a bit upsetting since my husband has managed to lose 8lbs in the same amount of time, but I shouldn’t be competing right?  I shouldn’t be thinking of lacing his food with craps of processed sugar and carbs, right?  I shouldn’t be thinking about putting his weakness (Dr. Pepper) all around the house, right?  Right?  RIGHT?!?

That aside, I am impressed with how I am able to maintain my weight despite all my indiscretions.  My husband did console me during my tantrums that I have started to take a shape that is more acceptable indicating that maybe if the scale is a lying bastardo and I am changing my body.  I like to refer to this process as “reorganizing” my body composition…but I would love to fit into that Vera Wang dress I have too.  Ok, ok, take the wins, and enjoy the fact that this past week — at least workout-wise — has been super fun with the introduction of new workouts.  

The week started out the same way the last two weeks did: Pure Strength 1.  I’m now using 8lbs for my light and 15lbs for my heavy weights there.  I like the workout, but man that band work is killer!  The next day, I got to revist Pure Cardio where I came to the very obvious conclusion that heat really can get to me.  Last week, the temperatures were killer and I nearly died doing Pure Cardio.  This week, I had a much, much easier time — so much, that I went and bought weighted gloves to incorporate into next week’s workout.  With those two workouts out of the way, I got to start what I know refer to as the “Mommy!!” workouts — Cardio Strength 1 and Cardio Strength 2 with a rest day in between.  Cardio Strength 1 has some stiff competition since I’ve gotten to do Cardio Strength 2 as my favorite workout in the series, but I couldn’t tell you which one I cried out for my mommy more!  And if you’re wondering what makes you call out “Mommy!”…mountain climbers followed by plyo pushups.  Do I need to say more?  I was really THANKFUL for having Core Dynamics and Dynamic Flexibility between those two circuit workouts and man did I milk it!

With that part of the week done, I got to take  rest day to really push on Friday with something C-R-A-Z-Y.  Cardio Interval Burn was on the queue and I wanted to really push it.  After completing that workout, I walked my dogs and then “previewed” the Anytime, Anywhere Workout.  I didn’t DO all of it, but I did a good chunk given how tired I was.  I burned HELLA calories that day.  It was an awesome way to end the week and it made me really look forward to the upcoming one.

I’m a little sad that the first month is almost done!  The 4th week appears to keep mostly the same weekly format as the previous three but there’s a serious shift in the second eight weeks.  I wonder how that’ll change my body.  However, the real goal for the upcoming week is to get a real handle on my dietary intake…which is probably the real reason why I need to lose weight in the first place.  It’s ok though — at least I get to do fun things like PeakFit in the meantime!

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