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PeakFit Challenge: Week 6-7 completed (like a blur).

August 19, 2011 3 comments

The past two weeks was the worst of PFC I’ve done, but its not Michelle Dozois’ fault.  Its my stupid body and its stupid hormones.  I have to change the meds I’ve been taking and my body finally is starting to react to it.  What does that mean exactly?  Lots of fatigue and lack of sleep…and when that stuff got settled then life had some extra stuff to throw at me.  Let’s just say that my diet went down the wayside as a result.  At the end of week 6, I had managed to lose another 1.5lbs, but I seemed to negate all my gains in week 7.  I’m not sure if its really true since I’m fluctuating all over the place so we’ll see now that I have a little bit more control in the last week.  It’s a little upsetting to do so poorly so close to the end of the program, but it is what it is.  Its almost a little depressing the recap of the past two weeks because the fatigue and frustration prevented me from really enjoying the workouts… Read more…


PeakFit Challenge: Week 5 Complete!

August 3, 2011 2 comments

So, this was my first week really trying to hit that 1300 calorie limit.  The end result was a 2.5 lb loss!  Did you read that correctly?  Two and a half freaking pounds.  As exciting as it is, it does sort of depress me that weight loss really comes down to diet in the end….but at least we know what the secret ingredient really is!  If you remember my post from last week, I also was trying to add my weighted gloves and do more yoga.  I failed at the yoga, but I blame a seriously hectic schedule.  It’s not going to clear up until the next week though so I have to take what I can get.

Now, I should mention that I didn’t hit 1300 calories every day.  Actually, I did a little less everyday.  The first day, I had a huge emotional fight with my husband which resulted in my eating 1800 calories.  The next day I was determined to do better and go down to 1600.  After that I pretty much hit 1300-1400 calories/ day.  I even got under 1300 calories one day (but barely under).  On the easier days, I supplemented with more walks around campus or the neighborhood with my dogs.  All in all, the culmination of consistent effort led to a now total of 4.5 lbs of weight loss in five weeks.  Not my best number ever, but it gives me hope for the end of the PFC rotation which is coming to a close very quickly. Read more…