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PeakFit Challenge: Week 5 Complete!

So, this was my first week really trying to hit that 1300 calorie limit.  The end result was a 2.5 lb loss!  Did you read that correctly?  Two and a half freaking pounds.  As exciting as it is, it does sort of depress me that weight loss really comes down to diet in the end….but at least we know what the secret ingredient really is!  If you remember my post from last week, I also was trying to add my weighted gloves and do more yoga.  I failed at the yoga, but I blame a seriously hectic schedule.  It’s not going to clear up until the next week though so I have to take what I can get.

Now, I should mention that I didn’t hit 1300 calories every day.  Actually, I did a little less everyday.  The first day, I had a huge emotional fight with my husband which resulted in my eating 1800 calories.  The next day I was determined to do better and go down to 1600.  After that I pretty much hit 1300-1400 calories/ day.  I even got under 1300 calories one day (but barely under).  On the easier days, I supplemented with more walks around campus or the neighborhood with my dogs.  All in all, the culmination of consistent effort led to a now total of 4.5 lbs of weight loss in five weeks.  Not my best number ever, but it gives me hope for the end of the PFC rotation which is coming to a close very quickly.

The start of this first week meant that I lost my core and stretching day to replace it with a strength workout.  I was excited to take part in this new change.  My first day was Pure Strength 2, my preferred strength workout of the two discs in the set.  I have started to push my weight limit using 10lbs for some of the light weight movements and adding an extra lb or two with gloves on the heavy (15lbs) movements.  Also, the band is becoming a lot easier to use.  I’m not sure if its breaking in or I’m stronger, but I’m going to guess that its a combination of both.

Next up was Pure Cardio with my nifty new weighted gloves.  I absolutely loved it.  The gloves were a great add on to push it to my favorite cardio workout in the series.  I also added the entirety of Core Dynamics after walking my dogs (post cooldown).  Then, my favorite workout in the series: Cardio Strength 2.  I’ve decided to keep to 8lb and 12lbs during the circuit workouts because I’m too afraid of injuring myself to jump up to 10 or 15lbs with such fast movement.  I absolutely love starting my workout with CS2.  Following the circuit workout was my first try of doing a second strength workout, Pure Strength 1.  It confirmed that I like the second one in the series more, but I still enjoyed doing it in lieu of a stretch day.  With the strength workouts out of the way, I did the second circuit workout, Cardio Strength 1, followed by a rest day.    The rest day was appreciated because I was going off to see Les Miserables at the Ahmanson — but boy, planning to eat that day was hard!  My husband and I ended up going to CPK and was struggling to find non-calorific items.

The end of the week didn’t get to end with a bang.  I’m having a lot of hormone changes balance itself out, so my body thinks its TOM which means endless cramps and fatigue and sleepless nights for me.  I tried to do Cardio Interval Burn with weighted gloves but could only get into two blocks before shedding it off and just taking the completion of the workout as a victory.  Well, I took the 2.5lb loss as a  victory…but I know the next week is going to be super difficult to do.  I’ll probably drop down in intensity as a result.

New goals for the next week: go 5 days with 1300 calorie limits again.  I don’t think I can do it non-stop for a week so I’m going to give myself the weekend to eat more.  I hope to report more of a loss next week.


  1. Melinda
    August 3, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    Thought of you when I read this: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/01/breaking-bread-everywhere-plentifully-or-pitifully/
    Look at the calorie counts of some of those meals. I know that the meals aren’t necessarily representative of what is eaten every day, and I don’t know how accurate the counts are or if the participants finish everything- but- how can it be that some trucker (a sedentary job!) can eat 5400 cal a day and not be huge, while you can eat 1300cal a day and barely lose weight?

    • hottiescientist
      August 4, 2011 at 4:59 am

      hey now! 2.5lbs/week is not barely losing weight! That’s pretty crazy awesome for healthy weight loss actually. But I get your point. You know what the answers are going to be — genetics determine BMR….though…I will say this…when I had lost the original 50lbs, I didn’t have to be super vigilant to KEEP it off. In fact, I don’t even think I needed to log in everything or be married to rotation system. But when I have 1) stress or 2) hormone fluctuation (which is often caused by #1) everything goes to the crapper and I have to start from square one. Even when I get stalled on my weight loss I do tell myself that my heart is in 1000x better condition than my coworkers (they would die just doing the warmups of my workout) and that my muscles are stronger and more useful when the apocalypse arrives. But given my family history of diabetes in everyone on my mother’s side, I do need to bring the weight down and 1300 calories seems to be the key. that sucks. I would rather work out three times a day then cut out food but that just never seems to work. That said…maybe I should be a trucker.

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