What’s so hot about this scientist?

I’m a young and hot scientist (obviously), trying to finish up her last year(s) of her Ph.D. My biggest problem has always been that though I do not love and worship SCIENCE as the only thing that is important in the world (wondering about that career choice often in fact), I approach almost everything in my life with the skills that the Schadenfreude gods have taught me.

But what about me? I read voraciously and talk profusely.  I can comb through pages and pages of fine print to understand just how the rebate form is going to work or how the insurance company may screw me, but it will often take multiple tries to read a (boring) journal article.  I can memorize credit numbers without effort, but I am terrible at learning names.  I learned from the one of best shoppers in the world (my father) and I’d like to think I have surpassed him in recent years.  I hate hate hate stupidity and laziness in people only to be surpassed by when I hate myself for exhibiting those qualities.  For years of railing against PE class, I find that I need the endorphin rush on a regular basis that is pushing our heart rate to 95% of my MHR.  I’m too nerdy for normal people and too normal for nerdy people leaving me on my own for quite some time.  It seems one either adores me or can’t stand me, and though I would prefer that fewer people didn’t dislike me so much, I’m thankful to those who care about me.

What will I write about? Nothing personal so don’t expect me to be sharing that kind of information.  Mostly (I hope), I’ll write about product reviews, or my never ending journey to be fit, or my shopping journeys, or living/fixing my first house, or maybe politics if I choose to go in that direction.  I’ll try my best to link as well as I can in addition to citing resources.  I like to think myself as a funny writer though I can see how people may see it as obnoxious (but those guys are morons).

When will I graduate? Don’t ask a Ph.D. student that!  That’s not very nice at all.

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