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Just don’t do it.

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m a little late in catching this news, it seems, but that doesn’t change how I feel. As most of America knows, all-around douchebag Michael Vick was vaulted from NFL fame to national infamy when it was discovered he had been operating an illegal dog fighting ring for more than FIVE YEARS.  And he was not just the money-man, letting his underlings do their evils to the dogs without his knowledge. He “trained” the dogs, he starved the dogs, and he killed the dogs without mercy.  Even after reaching a plea agreement, he has denied the last point, but there remains evidence against him. In any case, the prosecution accepted a deal with him in spite of his continuing shifty behavior during allocution and even his failing a drug test while out on bail.

23 months later, he was out as a free man. He attempted to file for bankruptcy, which was denied. But then lo and behold, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to give him a job for the bargain price of $1.6 million. As an avid Giants and Jets fan, and having lived in the same town as a bunch of crazy Eagles fans, I never thought there was a single act that could make me despise the Eagles even more. Boy, was I wrong. Read more…

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