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Alpha Bitch Update: Progress!

To those of you who know of my problems with my dog Evee from an earlier post, I thought I may want to give you a positive update!  It’s actually been going really well these last couple weeks through a consistent effort from both me and my husband.  So, what have been doing differently? Read more…


Being an Alpha (Bitch) Leader

June 25, 2011 1 comment

For those of you who know me in real life, most of you know that my dog Evee is one of the most important things in it.  She is the first dog I’ve had as an adult, and though I love her beyond words, she has been an utter handful.  Her previous owners, acquaintances of ours, had not done a good job of socializing her with people and other dogs when she was a puppy, and we have been dealing with consequences of their bad training.  It does not help that no one is with her for 10+ hours per day recently, and let’s just say  — someone thinks she’s leader of the pack  and has an incredibly strong body, sharp teeth, and piercing claws to go with it…her ancestors are wolves, you know!

When we first got her, my husband and I tried to do our best of balancing training/discipline with having fun with being in our family.  However, a slew of bad luck which resulted in an injury made my greyhound/lab mix sort of crazy making me feel that instead of starting from square one with her, I’m starting at square -99.  Evee is smart and highly trainable but fixing bad habits has been an issue.

To give you an idea, these are the commands Evee knows Read more…