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Xmas in July? Wha??

July 31, 2010 1 comment

When I came home, it felt like Xmas.  Mostly a bunch of stuff I ordered online regardless of when I ordered it came today.  Even though I paid for it all, it still felt like Xmas.  And since there was so much, it really did because my birthday is just around that time as well.  And it was uber fun to open it all.

So, what came today?  The largest package was from Costco — my new knife set.  Because of a very nice little birdie, I was able to snag the set for the low low price of $199.99 before tax. The Saber knives are of top quality without the insane price that usually comes along with it.  I had toyed about the other set that is normally $199, but decided that I had no use for 8 steak knives.  My favorite part of the new set that wasn’t in the other one?  Shears!  I actually have a couple shears so I’ll be testing each one out.  What I wish were in this set but was in the other set?  I like the sharpening tool of the other set — the kind that you set down and pull the knife against.  Instead, this set has a sharpening steel.  I’m sure once I learn how to use it properly it won’t be as much of a problem but it seemed the other sharpener was far more idiot proof.  Idiot proofing that I adore: labeling the knives for what it is (chef or santoku or boning or paring etc)  I’d like to put a review down when I have time to test it all out, but in the meantime, you can go to Cooking For Engineers‘s excellent review of the knives.  I won’t go into nearly as much detail as them but scientists have just as valid opinion as engineers!  🙂  The new block swivels which I like but I think I may just buy a magnetic strip and place the knives there instead.  The block really could be better and it takes a huge amount of room up.  I like the more counter space I can manage AND a sexy place for my sexy tools.  (Are you listening, Rich?  🙂 )

I also got some multivitamins from Centrum, specifically the Centrum Performance Line.  This purchase was actually important in many ways: 1) I bought it through through the United Mall so I will be able to keep my expiring miles from…expiring.  2)  I have not had multivitamin support in over a month at this point as I ran out and haven’t gotten around to finding a suitable replacement (on sale!).  3) This will be third “performance” vitamin I have tried: GNC, One-a-Day, and now Centrum.  My hope is after a month to give a detailed account of the pros and cons of each of these multivitamins.  Remember, its very important not to go cheap on vitamins and often how much you pay correlates to the quality, so don’t go too bargain on these purchases.  Groups like Centrum and GNC spend a fair bit of money for the quality control — as does Kirkland so it doesn’t mean you have to pay out the nose either.  Just keep on eye on the baddies.

The last package was my first purchase from 6pm.  I got some Taryn Rose heels for an upcoming wedding.  At first, I wasn’t impressed with them and was questioning whether it was worth the high price tag (a huge percentage off of a high price is still a high price — but at least I got it during a day sale where there was more of a price cut).  But I have to say the shoe is comfortable.  Still not sure on the price…it’s a very plain shoe but a comfortable heel.  I also finally got some jeans!  In petites as well (I’m super short).  I was a bit saddened when I put them on.  They fit, but they were very tight.  My size 8 clothing have been pretty comfortable on my lately, but it is my first DKNY jeans so maybe their sizes run small.  The big winner?  These $10 shoes I saw and said, why the hell not?  Not super gorgeous, but a good professional shoe that also was pretty comfy!

I would have gotten something else but it was insured and required a signature so the post office left the slip for redelivery.  I can’t wait to get some more Youngblood, my latest obsession…

A nice way to start the weekend!  Coupled with the fact that today was National Cheesecake Day, so my husband and I stopped by the Cheesecake factory for dinner and some half off slices of cheesecake.  (But don’t worry, we brought something back from the Three Dog Bakery for my poochie.)

There should be more Xmases in July!


Shopping Alert! – Ryka Sale

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Trolling the Intertubes as I do, I stumbled upon a shoe sale at Sears and Holabird that may yield in fruitful Ryka purchases.  Now, it’s not as big as it could be — there was the time I got some shoes for over 70% off but there are a couple shoes that range 40+% off for select sizes.  Shipping is free if it’s above $49 at Sears and $64.95 at Holabird.  (Don’t forget to pile on BCB for some cash if you have the account set up!)  If you’re interested, I posted the links:

Women’s Ryka Shoes at Sears

(COUPON CODE:SEARS5OFF50 for $5 off of $50 — may invalidate BCB)

Women’s Ryka Shoes at Holabird Sports

Happy Shopping!  Link to the post to spread the love!

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My Black Friday Scores

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

I didn’t do so great this year, but I did get a couple things that I thought I’d share. Read more…

Athletic Wishlist

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

As I sit in bed, regretting the half of a large pizza I inhaled earlier, I feel that I finally have the “calm” in my mind to write this post.  With the holidays coming up, I’ve been getting excited over sales and new products.  Frankly, it’s hard to say which I am first: a hottiescientist or a hottieshopper.  I have a lot of wish lists in my head, and I thought it might be fun and ::cough:: more productive to focus on gifts that actually get me moving off my butt and to a healthier me (as opposed to talking about the swarm of new video games being released this season).  My birthday is right around Xmas, so I get completely hosed every year when it comes to presents.  I have learned, though, how to prioritize what I want in light of this unfortunate timing. Read more…

Review: Ryka Studio Flex Mid

October 28, 2009 8 comments

After having such a fantastic win with the Ryka Assist XT, I decided to also try out the Ryka Studio Flex Mid.  Most of my calorie burn comes from doing Cathe Friedrich exercise DVDs at home, whether it’s Step Blast or STS, so a good indoor studio shoe is a must for me.  This role had been filled by my excellent N-gage Studio Mid shoes from Ryka, but from doing high impact aerobics for two years straight, the shoes have really begun to show wear and tear.  They’re not dead, but they’re clearly d-y-i-n-g (shh!  not too loudly or my shoe’s feelings may get hurt!!).  Sears was having such a great shoe sale that I went ahead and bought two pairs of shoes.  One was the Assist XT and the other was the Studio Flex Mid.  The Studio Flex series is touted by Ryka to be their ultimate studio shoe for “the fitness enthusiast who does it all.”  Alrighty, I’m game. Read more…

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Review: Ryka Assist XT

October 19, 2009 8 comments

Long ago, I learned not to go cheap on shoes. I struggle with pain in my feet, requiring prescription orthotics and really good shoes just to get through my day.  Lately, I’ve come to realize the Asics Kayano 13 running shoes that I wear at lab just weren’t cutting it anymore.  I’m not sure what went wrong — maybe my foot shrunk a bit with my recent weight loss, which resulted in a loss of motion control.  All I know is that they needed to be replaced.  By early afternoon, I could barely walk, and by evening, I couldn’t even stand.  Considering how much I’m on my feet at work, this was a serious problem.  At the same time, I had these great studio aerobics shoes that were dying as well, likely from overuse.  (Hence the weight loss!  Yeah!)  One pair needed to be replaced immediately, and one needed just a little more time.  So, when a crazy shoe sale came up, I bit the bullet and ordered Ryka’s top of the line cross-trainer: the Ryka Assist XT.  Two birds, one shoe. Read more…