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Deal Alert: STS Super Sale!

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

If any of you are really serious about changing your workout routine this year, look no further that STS.  I have many blog posts for my 15 week rotation of STS + Shock Cardio last summer for those that are curious. I don’t care about you P90xers — start lifting like a girl!  (Though if you ever met Cathe face to face, you’ll understand that she’s probably from another more evolved fitter version of Homo sapiens than the majority of us.)

Ok, so why am I talking about this?  Well, it’s on sale until Sunday!  Using code FP-30, you can get the entire STS set for 30% off on top of the original $50 discount!  That’s way cheaper than what I paid and almost as good as the pre-sale price and completely worth EVERY freaking penny.  Take my word for it — at $140 pre-tax, you want this set so go buy it now! (Sale Ends Sunday, January 16, 2011.)

ETA:  SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!!  So get it now, if you haven’t already!  Last day: Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Shopping Alert: Troy Lite Barbell set!

I received my barbell as a birthday present two birthdays ago and love it but if I had seen it at this price, I would have bought it myself.  If you go to one of the substores of CSN Shopping you’ll find this gem.  Having the barbell set has drastically improved my ability to work out in the comfort of my own home.  And if you’re doing Cathe strength workouts at home, you’ll find pining for one.

This set includes includes 4.5′ bar, pair of collars, and 35 lbs. of rubber coated plates to make a total of 40lbs.  The rubber coated plates is what makes me swoon – they are so much nicer than those nasty cast iron ones you get at the big superstores in their fitness section.  But honestly, the price plus free shipping just can’t be beat!  Don’t forget to pile on Bing Cashback before it goes away in a couple days!  There are coupons lying around, mostly for returning customers, but don’t forget to check the Intertubes for any!  I’m waiting until July 4th to make my upcoming purchase.

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Summer fun and shade!

This post is inspired by the latest SkincareRx giveaway at jet-girl.blogspot.  Summer is here in Pasadena, and it’s that wonderful weather where its cool in the early morning and evenings, and then the sun comes out to play in the afternoon.  It’s a great time of the year to take a walk in the middle of the day and just bask in that California glow (well, at least before the evil heat comes in August).

Despite the fact that I’m of Indian descent (and God just loves me a little more to give me this awesome brown skin protecting me from burn), it doesn’t mean I don’t think about sunscreen.  Sunscreen protects us from UV rays which in turn protects me from skin cancer.  That’s right — the C word.  If putting on some SPF protects me from skin cancer, I’m doing it even if I never have had had the experience of burning or peeling in my life.  And the providing further evidence that opposites attract, I ended up marrying one of the palest men alive who burns very quickly and doesn’t think to put on any sunscreen before he walks out of the house.  So, its up to me to find sunscreen for his and my needs.  I was looking up information about La Roche Posay Anthelios, a French company that claims to have the world’s best sunscreen, when I stumbled about the Yinnie’s post about sunscreens which then in turn motivated me to post about our favorite sunscreens so far.

Sunscreen, like any skin care products, has its organic and non-organic products.  I wouldn’t knock either.  Zinc Oxide is a pretty bad-ass natural sunscreen and Octisalate/ Oxybenzone are highly effective to those who are not sensitive to it.  (Titanium Dioxide has been around as a “natural” sunscreen for  awhile as well but has come under fire for some recent irritation issues.  I don’t have an irritation at all to titanium dioxide, in fact I adore it, but I do remember attending a talk about the toxicity of titanium dioxide to realize that the studies were regarding inhalation instead of skin contact.)  When choosing a sun screen for you, I think its pretty important to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Read more…

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Shopping Alert: Insane ACII Price @ Amazon!

I don’ t know how long this will last but you can get Assassins Creed II (Xbox 360 and PS3)  for not only $24.99 at Amazon, but also receive a $10 Video Game Credit AND a $5 Amazon MP3 credit.  Can you get much better than that?  Jump on this!  This deal is much better than the used version that’s floating around the Intertubes…

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Shopping scores from Sunday

I’ve been a bit down for a while, hence the absence on the blog, but nothing picks me up as scoring some good shopping deals.  I’m particularly impressed with myself from last Sunday even before employee screw-ups in my favor. Read more…

My trip to fresh&easy

When we moved back to Pasadena, I noticed with curiosity that the Wild Oats that used to reside on the corner of Lake Ave and California Blvd had been replaced by a fresh&easy.  Though I’d seen ads in the paper and heard a couple radio ads for this “neighborhood market”, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of place the store would be.  Was it a Trader Joe’s?  Or a Famima!!?  Or just a new kind of Pavilions?  Well, I’ve had a couple trips there, and this is what I found. Read more…

Cathe San Diego Road Trip: Final Thoughts

As I anticipated in my previous post, I did not attend the final Bootcamp on the Beach workout on the Sunday morning of the Road Trip.  My husband had twisted his ankle, and frankly, I had broken my butt ( = major, major badonkadonk DOMS), so I wasn’t too sad when I woke up (again at 4a due to the possessed refrigerator at my friend’s apartment) and decided against going to the class.  From what I heard later, the conditions were not ideal for a perfect bootcamp workout, though Cathe managed to kick their butts.  The beach was slanted and soft; Cathe later told me that she’d been spoiled by the beach at Daytona, which had been big and perfect.

We came to the farewell breakfast (yay, omelet bar!) where we chatted with some more people, picked up our new Cardio Club Step, and got to say good-bye to Beth.  Originally, hubbie and I were going to go to San Diego’s Wild Animal Park with my friend, but between hubbie’s twisted ankle and my soon-to-be massive headache, we settled for taking her out to lunch and then dealing with some annoying traffic back up to L.A.

Read more…

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